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Chums Referral is the #1 app that helps you and your friends earn extra cash by sharing referral codes with each other.
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About Us

Chums Referral is a platform to help you find and share referral codes. Friends love to share and feel connected to each other, so we made a tool to help people benefit and make money from that.

Chums started organically when Noah found himself using more and more referral codes and wanting a way to organize them. In August 2018, he was trying to find a new credit card and once he decided on the Amtrak Mastercard, he could not find a way to benefit from a referral code. He asked a few friends but nobody had it, including his friend Steven Blom. Steven and Noah co-founded the company together in August of 2019.

Chums came about so Noah could share his referral code from the card, tell friends about his experience using it, and get a referral benefit from the next card he signed up for and made $5000 already in the process. The concept evolved into an app and platform with help from our team at Woost to find and share codes for almost every app and service and grew to be the largest referral code sharing app in the world.

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- The Chums Referral Team