Peloton Referral Codes, Discount Codes, and Reviews

Access high-energy workouts, instantly. Discover Peloton: streaming fitness classes to you live and on-demand.
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Peloton Referral Codes via Chums

Britt (Raising $$ for A Service Dog!)'s Peloton referral code

Hey, I'm a broke college student saving money for a service dog and would really appreciate it if you could use my code(s)! It'd be a huge help :D Peloton is a stationary bike / exercise subscription company

Adam's Peloton referral code


Literally the best stationary indoor bike experience you'll ever have. Worth every penny / cent!

Peloton Referral Code Reviews

Peloton Code Benefits

Peloton has one of the strongest referral programs in the industry. The Peloton Referral program is very simple to understand and use. You just need to use a Peloton referral code unique for different users. The Peloton referral code is the ideal tool for getting more friends to work out with you, and make some money while doing it.

New users can become members of the massive community of fitness enthusiasts through the Peloton referral code. Signing up through the Peloton referral code helps new users get referral bonus offers and amazing discounts on their favorite products. The $100 discount through the Peloton referral program is fantastic. The Peloton refer a friend program is based on the idea of growing your fitness community and knowing your friends to decide who would want to join.

Conditions For Using The Peloton Referral Program For Existing Customers

  1. If you are an active Peloton Bike or Tread member, then you are eligible to get the benefits of the Peloton referral code. 

  2. You can check whether you are eligible for the Peloton referral program, through the referral code tab in your web profile. 

  3. Bike or Tread owners having active subscriptions and other members in their family are eligible for the Peloton referral discount. 

  4. Studio users are also eligible to use the Peloton referral code to get referral discounts. 

  5. App users are not eligible for participating in the referral program right now.

  6. Existing customers with a registered Peloton account could consult with Peloton Support to obtain their Peloton referral code. 

  7. Just tell your friends and family to enter the referral code at the time of checkout.

  8. Existing users will receive a $100 Apparel code within 3-5 days after their referral results in a qualified purchase.

  9. The purchase qualifies for the Peloton referral bonus if it involves a Bike or Treads purchase from the Peloton store.

  10. The reward of Peloton referral code is a $100 discount on Peloton apparel. Existing members could not use the code in combination with other offers or discounts. 

Conditions For Using The Peloton Referral Program For New Customers

  1. New customers should never have used Peloton before.

  2. New customers have never purchased anything from Peloton or used a credit card for the purpose.

  3. New users should use the Peloton referral link or Peloton referral code provided by their friends.

  4. New users should have a Bike or Tread in their cart that is counts as a qualifying purchase. 

The Peloton refer to a friend program works on new purchases of Bike or Tread from Peloton. The Peloton referral code will give an accessories code to the new user. New users could use the $100 accessories code for obtaining a discount on Bike or Tread accessories. The code is applicable to individual products and product bundles but not to apparel.  

Where Can You Find The Peloton Referral Code And Peloton Referral Link?

  1. Sign in to the Peloton website by using your registered credentials.

  2. Click on the small drop-down menu near the profile photo of the user.

  3. Click on “Refer Friends.”

Users can then share their Peloton referral code with family and friends through different channels. You can use email or personal social media profiles for sharing the referral code. Users could also go for the simple “copy-paste” routine for sharing the referral code with their family and friends on different platforms. The best system for sharing the Peloton referral code or Peloton referral link is by adding it to your Chums profile.

How Do You Sign Up For Peloton Using A Referral Link?

First-time users of Peloton can easily become a member through two distinct options. However, the Peloton referral code is a must-have for new users. Why? The Peloton referral code is unique discount and bonus. New users have to purchase a Bike or Tread for using the referral code by their friends. 

You can also visit Chums for finding referral links to sign up for Peloton. Users can search for “Peloton” or browse the “Beauty and Wellness” section to find different reviews and Peloton referral links. You can also view the content, reviews, and ratings by your friends with a registered account on Chums. In addition, you can also find the referral links and codes that they have added to Chums

After signing up for a Peloton membership and selecting a Bike or Tread for purchase in their cart, new users could use the $100 accessories code from their friends. Entering the Peloton referral code at checkout will fetch a discount of $100 on all Bike or Tread accessories. The friend referring to new users would receive a notification in their email about their referral reward in the form of a $100 Apparel discount code. 

Sports Equipment Alternatives To Peloton

Many players in the sports equipment industry bring new offers and deals for discounts, bonuses, and referral programs to try and grab the market. If you are newly exploring the sports equipment industry, then you should try exploring the fitness industry as well as the beauty and wellness market. 

As a result, you can find details about the websites and apps that are commonly used by customers. Generally, the first orders placed through referral programs could help in obtaining promising discounts. The notable referral programs in sports equipment that are at par with the Peloton referral code include the Precor referral program, LifeFitness referral code, NordicTrack referral program, SoulCycle referral program, and others. Consumers can get prolific discounts with each referral program alongside finding reliable products within cost-effective budgets. 

Which Sports Equipment Delivery Referral Program Is The Best?

Fitness enthusiasts taking the big leap towards transforming their lifestyle should immediately go for the Peloton referral code. The Peloton referral program offers the best chances for consumers to obtain multiple rewards. For existing members on Peloton, the Peloton referral program offers the chance to earn discounts up to $1,200 on apparel purchases from Peloton. 

Existing members don’t have to bleed their wallets as they can refer up to 12 users in a year. In the case of new users, the Peloton referral code is an ideal way to achieve a $100 discount on Peloton Bike or Tread accessories. New users could subsequently become a part of the Peloton referral bonus program by referring other users to Peloton. 

The referral codes and rewards are valid for 12 months only. At the beginning of every year, the referral code counter resets for every user. Users can leverage the Peloton referral link easily and finding it very simple. So, Peloton referral code turns to be the best alternative among the available alternatives.

Where Does Peloton Operate?

Peloton started off in 2012 as a product of the ambitions of combining the best of technology, hardware, and production to provide the thrill of boutique fitness at home. The company operates primarily in the US, and in 2018, Peloton ventured its operations into the UK and Canada. As of late 2019, Peloton was planning on introducing its operations in Germany. 

What If Peloton Does Not Deliver In My Country?

Peloton provides the opportunity for using the Peloton referral code for exciting discounts to customers in many countries. Peloton is expanding gradually with its referral program. You can also find the list of international delivery locations where Peloton does not deliver, on the official website of Peloton. The restrictions on delivery of Peloton are primarily evident in certain areas of Canada, such as:

  1. Quebec

  2. New Brunswick

  3. Saskatchewan

  4. Newfoundland & Labrador

In addition, certain areas of Ontario, Edmonton, and British Columbia do not come under the scope of the benefits of Peloton referral code. You can find the details about the other locations where Peloton does not deliver here.

Users in the US, UK, certain regions of Canada and Germany can avail of the advantages of Peloton Referral Code. If your country is not in the international delivery list of Peloton, then you can try looking for competitors. On the other hand, you should not forget the availability of referral program links and codes for the other options you take into consideration. You can always rely on Chums for the best referral programs to get sports equipment delivered to your home!

Peloton Has A Valuable And Simple Referral Program

New members and existing members of Peloton should learn to leverage the benefits of Peloton referral code. The Peloton referral program is an ideal instrument for everyone in the Peloton community to avail of benefits on product purchases. New users would receive $100 discount on accessories for their Peloton Bike and Tread purchases. Existing members could refer up to 12 persons in a year, and they would receive $100 Apparel credit on Peloton. 

Users should also take care of certain precautions in using referral codes. For example, you should not post your referral link or code in coupon code aggregator websites. Most important of all, you should note that Peloton has sole discretion regarding termination and acceptance of referral codes.

If you want to learn more about referral programs, then download the Chums app. The Chums app can help you find various referral codes, and you can also add referral codes in order to obtain Peloton referral credits!

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