Four Ways To Earn Extra Money Online By Writing

May 13 — 2 mins read
Four Ways To Earn Extra Money Online By Writing

Four Ways To Earn Extra Money Online By Writing

In today’s globally connected society, there will always be a career that will help you leverage your skills while doing something meaningful. If you happen to have a flair for writing, you could be able to leverage skill into earning extra income. In fact, writers can use their way with words to make a living online. There are several types of writing jobs you can pursue online:

Write a blog

While you won’t earn from a blog right away, it is a long-term path toward earning money online. In today’s competitive landscape, with millions of blogs on different platforms, you need to implement a consistent and purposeful strategy to be successful.

However, this does not mean that your efforts will go to waste. As we enter a new decade, blogging is still a viable way of making a side income, and it has the potential to scale up and become more valuable. Prospective bloggers must identify their niche, write content geared towards it, and work on finding readers and developing an audience. Referral programs can also be integrated into your blog; affiliate marketing lends itself well to the business model of most blogs.

Create a course

If you have specialized knowledge, or if you have experience in a field other than writing, you can develop a course that teaches others your expertise. You can launch your course on a WordPress website, or on platforms that specialize in hosting courses. A well-conceptualized and executed online course has the potential to earn thousands of dollars in a matter of months.

Work as a freelance writer

You can also offer your writing services to existing online platforms. Freelance writers come up with the bulk of content online. On news sites, blogs, and social media, freelance writers research and make narratives on a wide variety of topics, in every niche imaginable. Freelance writing lets you set your own hours, and is a good source of supplemental income, especially if you are fully employed elsewhere.

Work as an editor or proofreader

A freelance editor is responsible for making stylistic or developmental improvements to a written piece. They edit for the tone of the publication, word choice, and formatting rules.

A proofreader, meanwhile, checks spelling, grammar, and punctuation. If an editor deals with structure and tone, a proofreader checks accuracy and language. There are plenty of websites and organizations that need editors and proofreaders.


Earning money online is possible if you know your skills and interests. For writers, there are dozens of roles and jobs that let you use your writing ability.

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