Using Affiliate Marketing to Earn Money

May 13 — 3 mins read
Using Affiliate Marketing to Earn Money

Using Affiliate Marketing to Earn Money

Affiliate marketing is a good way for people looking to earn extra money. It’s similar to traditional online advertising, but instead of getting paid for impressions or clicks on ads affiliates earn money when the user takes action. If someone signs up for a mailing list, submits their contact information through a form, or clicks on an affiliate link to purchase an item, the affiliate will earn a share of the profits generated.

Being an affiliate, though, means setting up a network where you can deliver links regularly to users or your audience. To attract quality leads, you need to create an environment where people can trust you to direct them towards resources that would truly benefit them. Here are a few ways to prepare your blog, social media page, or website for a referral program.

Identify what your audience needs

Affiliate programs are successful when they can accurately identify products and services that a target market would be interested in. For someone with a platform, whether a blog or social media page, this means knowing why people come to your online space and what problems they want to solve. 

If you can match your promotions to your audience’s problems, you will be able to sustain your program. People will think of your brand as a source of information on other businesses that address their concerns. For example, if you write articles or make videos about health and wellness, you could offer a Peloton referral code.

Be mindful of how frequently you link

Readers today know the difference between an affiliate link or sponsored content and a spontaneous review or article. If you keep promoting products without giving your audience a breather, it will turn them off from your regular content and cause them to take their web traffic elsewhere. Cultivate your relationship with repeat visitors. They are the ones responsible for getting the word out about your page or website.

Recommend products or services you truly believe in, because your interest will show in how you speak. If visitors can tell that you’re only promoting something for monetary gain, they will quickly tune out. Likewise, they can interpret frequent and indiscriminate posting as a desire to earn more money through affiliate links, without regard to what the audience wants.

Be interested and transparent

Your affiliate links are additional resources to boost your content. This means putting in the time to frame these in the context of your readers or viewers. Write a paragraph to explain how you think audiences can use the product or service you are directing them towards. Don’t just give them a sentence or a couple of seconds out of a video to talk about your affiliate. 

Furthermore, be open with your audience about whether or not something is part of an affiliate program. Cultivating trust requires you to be honest and tell your readers or viewers that the product you’re promoting will pay you a portion of every purchase that goes through your link. When you are honest with your audience, they would be more likely to purchase items through your links even if they can go straight to your affiliate’s website.


It takes time and effort to learn how to make money from referral links. When you build a consistent and helpful space, though, people will learn to trust you as a source for links to products and services.

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