Four Ways Moms Can Make Money From Home

May 13 — 3 mins read
Chums Referral - 4 Work-From-Home Jobs Every Mom Can Try - What to Know

Chums Referral - 4 Work-From-Home Jobs Every Mom Can Try - What to Know

Not all moms have the luxury of working from home. However, there are alternative ways that moms can work from home, while still making as much as they would at a regular office job. 

If being a stay-at-home mom appeals to you, here are some ways you can start earning from home:

Use what you already know

Leveraging your own talents is essential to any successful home-based business. Review your talents and interests and determine if any of them can be turned into an online business. Some  ideas include copywriting, graphic design, editing, bookkeeping, virtual support, etc. Many of your office duties can be turned into a business. You can cater your services to everyday consumers, businesses, or both!

Sell products online

Another option is opening an online marketplace. If you've always wanted to start a retail business, there’s nothing stopping you from doing so from home! The internet has made it easy to sell products from any location. There are even local couriers that will deliver packages from your house.

Not sure what to sell? Start by thinking about what items are in demand. After that, you can brainstorm how to get those items at a price lower than market value. Consider making them yourself if you're the creative type or buying wholesale items for resale. Building an e-commerce website has also become much easier. Even if you don’t know how to code a website yourself, many website builders will help you to put together websites.

Start a niche blog

If you're passionate about something, consider starting a blog about it. You can make money off of your blog by using Google AdSense and other ad feed programs that will place ads on your site. You’ll get paid when people click on those ads. As your blog becomes more popular, you can also start selling ad space and sell your own products. The more targeted traffic you rake in, the more money you'll make.

Market affiliate products and services.

Want to leverage your influence on your friends and family? Try your hand at marketing affiliating products and services, which involves making referrals to other businesses. It's a type of word-of-mouth marketing that can earn you lots of revenue if you do it right. Its main advantage is you don't even have to sell products or services. When your link or referral code leads to a purchase, you can earn a commission or flat rate from the referral.

Chums Referral is one of the best places to get started on your referral journey. Simply download the app and start referring! Make use of the other referral codes on the app and share your own to save on your own purchases.


Working from home offers the best of both worlds: you can make a living right at home while also tending to the needs of your children. If you want to try your hand at referral marketing, try Chums Referral — a 50,000-strong community of friends who recommend products and services to each other via referral codes. It focuses  on personal connections rather than discounts and coupons. Get in touch with us today to learn more.

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