5 Easy Ways To Make & Save Money With Your Phone

Mar 09 — 4 mins read

Mobile phones today do so much more than bring people together. They are powerful devices that are capable of providing entertainment, information, and convenience in one handy package. However, did you know that they give us plenty of opportunities in terms of financial gain?

That’s right—mobile phones are excellent tools to help you make (and save) money! In this article, we’ll show you how. Below, we’ll go over five real ways you can generate a bit of income just by using your phone.


1. Download brand apps


Do you tend to go back to the same brands whenever you make a purchase? For those that do, check if they have an app that you can install on your phone. These apps might feature a variety of promos that you can take advantage of just by using them. Buy-one-get-one deals, percentage discounts, freebies—you name it. Some apps may also have loyalty and referral programs that could be extremely rewarding in the long run, so hopefully, you have enough space on your phone for all of them!


2. Share original content


You can also make money by creating content that you can share with your phone. There are numerous apps that specialize in different fields where users can come together and make money exchanging content. Whether you’re an artist who takes photos or draws illustrations, or a writer who produces reviews as well as short stories, you might be able to find a platform where your talents are sought-after by others.


3. Invest in stocks or foreign exchange


These days, ForEx trading and investing in the stock market are both possible to do in the palm of your hands. There are plenty of apps that let you purchase shares or currencies in either market, as well as trade these assets to potentially make significant profits. All you have to do is have the knowledge and skills to know what you’re doing.


With that in mind, even if you’re a total newbie to investments, you can still get in on the action. Some apps are catered heavily toward beginners and casual traders and will simplify the process for you while retaining the same money-making potential. They also won’t require huge upfront investments to get started, and you can even try some out for free. However, you’ll need to eventually fund your portfolio to get any real financial return. Go to Chums and search 'Investing' for apps that are both easy to use and able to give you fast, reliable financial information.


4. Play games that payout real money


On a less serious note, you can also use your phone to win games that reward actual money to players. There are many different ones available on the market, and most of them won’t require any money from you to start playing. Trivia challenges are one of the most popular varieties and will pit you against other players to reach the final round and win the prize. One of the most popular platforms for this is Swagbucks, which not only pays for playing games, but also for answering surveys, watching videos, and more! Sign up for their referral program to earn extra bucks.


5. Share referral codes


Plenty of brands offer referral codes to reward you for spreading the word about them. The rewards differ from program to program. You could enjoy discount codes, cash, or brand credit. Although it’s possible to share referral codes you find for brands via social media platforms, you’ll have much more success on a platform like Chums. By making your codes available to other people seeking great deals, you’ll reap more rewards! Aside from sharing your own codes, you’ll be able to use the ones that others place on the app. The only thing better than saving money with discount codes is making money with referrals!


Wrapping up


As you can see, there are several practical ways for you to make money on your phone. The best part is that they’re all pretty easy to get into, and each one can benefit tremendously from devoting more time to it. You can also do all of them simultaneously, and each can potentially contribute a great deal towards your ultimate financial goals.

If you’re interested in making extra income online, please check out our solution. We combine the ability to exchange referral codes with a platform to share brand recommendations in one simple app to let you earn money and take advantage of great deals.

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