Tips to Save Money Shopping Online

Apr 29 — 2 mins read
Chums Referral - 5 Online Shopping Tips to Get More For Less - Our Guide

Chums Referral - 5 Online Shopping Tips to Get More For Less - Our Guide

In the competitive eCommerce industry, online retailers are incentivized to offer discounts.  Online shoppers can take advantage of this environment and save lots of money. While you could always wait for promotions and sales, there are other ways you can maximize your savings at any time:

1. Use an Incognito Browser

Online stores display prices differently based on the type of browser you’re using. These websites can track your location, browsing history, and other factors that contribute to their dynamic pricing model. If their data determines that you are already interested in their products, they could increase the prices that you see.

However, there’s an easy way to work around this problem — just use an incognito browser! By using a browser that will clear your cookies, prices listed on their websites will go back to the default. This tip is particularly useful when booking flights or hotel rooms!

2. Sign Up for Email Lists

The sale season is no longer “seasonal”—it happens year round! Many retailers offer exclusive deals to consumers who are on their email lists. For your convenience, create an email account specifically for email lists and loyalty clubs. Make sure to look out for first-timer’s discounts too!

3. Abandon Your Shopping Cart

Another way to receive promotions from online retailers is to desert your online shopping cart. Simply place the items you wish to purchase in your online shopping cart, and leave the website without purchasing. This act will trigger email reminders of your potential sale, and will lead to offers of freebies and discounts!

4. Get coupons

Before purchasing anything online, be sure to search for any discount coupons. Most online retailers offer discounts as part of their marketing, and they usually announce coupon availability on social media. Likewise, using referral codes have become a popular way to save money. A little resourcefulness goes a long way!

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