Why Product Reviews Matter Before Making A Purchase Online

Mar 09 — 3 mins read

In today’s age of modern consumerism, more and more people are making purchases online. Everyone has become an avid online shopper.

A growing number of consumers are shifting from traditional brick-and-mortar shopping to online shopping, and for good reasons. Online shopping is more convenient, time-saving, portable, offers more variation, and more.

The downside of online shopping, however, is that you can never be sure about the product you are buying. What you see online may be different from the actual, which makes online shopping a bit trickier.

Just like every individual, when you want to shop for something or buy something, there are certain factors you need to consider. These considerations and the confusion you have about your purchase may become less of a burden if you go through product reviews before making a purchase.

Reviews can help a business, but it also holds significant value to consumers. In fact, 8 out of 10 people seek recommendations from their friends when making a purchase. Unfortunately, only 3 of those 8 people will get a recommendation. Chums Referral seeks to close that gap with a way for you to see your friends’ reviews instead of random people you may not know or trust. After all, the information you gather from trusted product reviews makes a significant impact on your final decision to purchase. Here’s why:


1.    Product reviews act as social proof


Product reviews provide you with social proofs of buying experiences from previous customers. After all, humans are known as social beings, and we thrive from social interactions. Reading product reviews from previous consumers will help you better understand the experience and the overall outcome received. This kind of social proof backed up by online reviews will help make your decision-making process more efficient and easier.


2.    Good reviews are tantamount to good business practices


A business with unethical and questionable practices is not a place where you would want to put your money. It doesn’t create a pleasant and memorable shopping experience. Going through a business’s online reviews can help you spare yourself from that horrifying experience.

Most consumers will trust a business that has a consistent 4-star and above ratings. A 4-star rating means that a business is a reputable one and performing way above the mediocre level. This information is valuable since it can give you a sense of security, knowing that you can trust this kind of company. It also provides you with assurance and confidence in knowing that you are buying a product that is of excellent quality.


3.    Reviews are an excellent way to check for authenticity


E-commerce or online shopping is probably one of the biggest game-changers in the consumerism market. While it offers a lot of benefits, one major drawback that shoppers normally face is that they will never be too sure about what they purchase.

Since online shopping does not allow you to touch, feel, smell, or see the product physically, learning from other people’s personal experiences matters a lot. Reading product reviews has somewhat become a necessity. You would want to know if there are others who are actually buying the product, what they think of the item or the service they received, or if they have indeed received them as promised.




While online reviews are critical, it would also be wise to consider other reviews, such as personal recommendations. You would want to get as much information as you can about the product you want. After all, you don’t want to waste your money on something not worthy. With our app, you won’t have to! 

Download the Chums app today for the latest brand reviews!

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