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Save yourself that trip to the market — Instacart delivers groceries in as little as an hour! Instacart connects you with Personal Shoppers in your area to shop and deliver groceries from your favorite stores. Have your groceries delivered in as little as an hour!
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Instacart Referral Codes via Chums

John's Instacart referral code

Use: with Code: JH0F70541ED.

Great offer for free delivery and $50 if your refer 5 people

Judy's Instacart referral code


I really enjoy being an Instacart Shopper. It's fun, you work when you want and only take orders you want to take. They have made big changes and ultimately it's your choice how much money you make and when you make it.

kimme's Instacart referral code


Hey! I shop for Instacart, a flexible way to earn money while shopping and delivering groceries! Sign up to shop using my link:

Instacart Referral Code Reviews

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The Instacart Referral Program is One of The Easiest Ways to Get Free Food

Make Money and Earn Free Food by Referring New Customers and Drivers to Instacart

What is Instacart and why should I order food from them?

Instacart is a food-delivery service like Uber Eats, GrubHub, Ritual, Seamless, and Caviar. Instead of delivering food from restaurants and bars, Instacart delivers food from grocery stores. Instead of waiting in those long Sunday evening lines at Trader Joes, Whole Foods or Safeway, Instacart lets you stay on your couch and wait for the food come to you. Sound good? It is - even better when you start driving for them or referring new customers. 

Instacart’s referral program for new drivers and new customers

Instacart’s new shopper referral program is worth $10. When you sign up with a referral code, you get a $10 bonus or credit to use on groceries. The friend that referred you will also get a $10 bonus or credit. $10 goes a long way at grocery stores so you could be eating free if you refer enough of your friends. If you are looking to boost your monthly income instead of just getting some free food, being an Instacart shopper could also be a good option. You can make money a couple ways doing this. First, you can drive around to the different grocery stores in the area and deliver food. Second, you can refer your friends and new shoppers which could be a better use of your time. Instacart is growing quickly so they are trying to grow their fleet quickly too. Because of this, their new driver or shopper referral program offers a huge cash bonus. By sharing your new driver or shopper referral code, you and your friend who is new to Instacart will both get a bonus. To get the bonus, the friend you referred must make a certain number of deliveries over the course of the month. Instacart structures their referral program like this to make sure that the new drivers or shoppers being referral are actually interested in sticking with Instacart instead of just doing it for the referral benefit. It’s that good! Depending on what city you work in, the bonus and the number of deliveries you need to make changes. The bonus ranges from $400 to $750 and the number of deliveries needed to qualify ranges from 30 to 50. 

How to make sure you qualify for the Instacart referral program

There is fine print to read over before embarking on this referral journey! First and most importantly is that the new shopper or driver will have 45 days once they finish their first delivery to hit the batch number. The batch number will be reasonable to hit, but the new shopper or driver will need to spend much of her or his month working with Instacart to hit the bonus and redeem the promo. If you are doing the referring, make sure the friend that you refer is aware of this so they only begin delivering when they will be able to make enough deliveries in the time frame. 

Instacart Referral Code Redemption and Eligibility 

If you are using Instacart to get groceries delivered to you then redeeming your referral promo is as simple as waiting for the friend that you referred to make their first order. If you want to check the status of this, you will need to go to your profile in the app to see if your friend has completed their first delivery. If you are a driver or shopper and are waiting for a new driver or shopper that you referred to hit their bonus, you can check that status again in your profile by going to “Referral History.” Any Instacart customer can refer friends to get food delivered. In order to be eligible for referring new shoppers or drivers then you need to have worked for a minimum of 40 hours making Instacart deliveries. You do not have to work that much consistently, but you need to have hit that minimum. If you are considering trying it out to do it for additional monthly income or just to refer people, make sure you have 40 hours in the next month to focus on it. 

Sharing Your Instacart New Shopper or New Customer Referral Code

Instacart makes it very easy for you to share your referral code for new customers or new drivers or new shoppers. Simply go to your Instacart app, go to your profile, and click “Invite Friends.” Here, they make it very simple for you to copy a link, text a link, or share a link on social media. To get the most bang for your buck, copy the code or link from your profile and then Download the Chums Referral app for iOS or Android. Chums will allow you to easily share the code with friends and family. You can organize all your referral codes here, see which friends or family already use food delivery apps but maybe not Instacart, and make serious money, quickly through Chums. 

Pros and Cons of the Instacart Referral Program

The pros of the Instacart referral program are great. The referral bonus is excellent in terms of cash value, ease of use and sharing potential. Instacart is a quickly growing company but a lot of your friends maybe have not tried it yet. This provides a great opportunity for referring friends and making money. As in, almost everyone has used an Uber or Lyft referral code so those programs have become less valuable. Since Instacart is on the newer side, there is a ton of potential in referring to new users and new drivers. The largest con is the ease of redeeming the bonus on the new shopper or driver side of the referral program. 

How to Make the Most Money From Instacart

Instacart has a great referral program based on its cash value, ease of use and sharing system. You can make good money and save good money with Instacart if you know the rules and systems of sharing the referral codes. If you have the time to do Instacart deliveries, you should try it out. It is a great side-hustle and the referral program is fantastic once you put in your 40 hours of deliveries. If deliveries are not for you, simply using Instacart as a food-delivery service is also great. For a small fee, you can save yourself an hour or more. If you use Chums and stay on top of your referrals, then you can eat for free by referring your friends and redeeming the referral bonus. Hitting a minimum of 40 hours for drivers wanting to refer their friends can be steep. Many Instacart drivers have other jobs, so working this much can be a pretty big speed bump. Also, the minimum for the person that has just been referred can also be high, especially since there are only 45 days to hit that batch. It can be hard to control how many gigs you get depending on when you are working, where you are working, what time you are working and what grocery store you are at. It can be random, so it is not always easy to hit the minimum batch number in the allotted time. That being said, Instacart makes up for the difficulty in redeeming the promo by having such a great referral code and referral program. If you successfully refer to new drivers and new shoppers on a monthly basis, you can boost your monthly income by clicking a few buttons. Now that is serious passive income! The way to get around the Instacart if you are a new driver, you should make sure that you have enough time to hit the minimum batch. 

Instacart Referral Program Bottom Line

The free food potential and passive income potential is out of this world. The bonus is high, it is easy to redeem and the fine print is manageable. Remember to download the Chums Referral app for iOS or Android to easily refer your friends and pick which of your friend’s codes to use. You can also surf around the website and app to see which new products and services you want to try. If you have a good experience with Instacart, try out all of the other food delivery services. Most of them have awesome new driver referral programs, too. The best food delivery referral programs that compete with the Instacart are the Uber Eats Referral Program, the GrubHub Referral Program, the Ritual Referral Program, the Seamless Referral Program, the DoorDash Referral Program, and the Caviar Referral program. Seriously, you and your friends can eat free for weeks if you take advantage of all of these programs. Try it out and let us know if we can help! 

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