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Ritual provides office managers, culture builders, and business owners with flexible company meal plans that keep their teams well fed, social, and focused on the things that matter.
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Ritual Referral Code Reviews

The Best Food Ordering App In 2020

Cheap Food With Discounts 

Based in Toronto, Ritual started in 2014 by Reddy, Larry Stinson, and Robert Kim. In less than two years, one million orders were made and now they accept more than one million orders in less than two months. Today, Ritual has more than 5,000 partner restaurants. 

Ritual aims to re-create the whole process of leaving your office and walking around five minutes to a cafe, or restaurant to pick up food for lunch. The founders of Ritual wanted to focus first on getting that experience right for a single building that leaves to go pick up coffee or food for lunch, the daily ritual of getting lunch with a team, and waiting in the line for hours. 

Ritual is a food ordering app that allows you to order a meal online or in their application and have it delivered to you wherever you are. You can order a meal for everyone including lunch. 

Ritual can show you the list of restaurants that are affiliated with them, as well as the menu of that restaurant. Then you can put items in the cart, and determine the tip that you want to give.

Last 2019, Ritual offered $1 food in different places like Sydney, Chicago, and other places where it is available. $1 full meals!


How The Ritual Referral Program Works

If you download Ritual by following a referral link or use a referral code when signing up, you can get a $10 Ritual referral coupon. The friend who invited you will also earn $10 as a Ritual referral reward. During the $1 food week, that referral bonus went a long way, especially since everyone wanted to try out the cheap food.

Every time you use Ritual, you will receive different rewards. Through Ritual, you can earn rewards with every transaction. Ritual will give you 100 reward points if you leave a compliment. You will receive 3,000 points for inviting a coworker to use Ritual. Ten thousand points unlocks $10 to spend anywhere within the app.

They also have Ritual bonus which is created with a purpose of making it easier for all users to enhance earnings over time. The promotions may vary from time to time and you may be different then your friends’ offer.

If you are new to Ritual, you will receive a 500 point welcome bonus. Also, you can earn points for setting your profile and simply visiting the page about the referral program. With that, you already earn 1,000. 

Ritual offers are limited to one redemption per day and once per location. You may be required to exchange points to redeem offers.


Ritual Refer A Friend Terms And Conditions 

To use Ritual and participate in this Refer a Friend program, you must be located in a country where Ritual is available: United States, Canada, Germany, Netherlands, UK, Australia and Hong Kong. Keep in mind that the Ritual referral rewards, may vary according to your location. The Ritual referral credits have no cash value. You can only use the referral coupons to pay for food that you order using Ritual. 

How To Join Ritual By Following A Referral Link

From your web browser:

If you receive a Ritual referral invitation and you are using a computer, you must click on the Ritual referral link. Once the Ritual referral page is opened, you must provide your phone number under “Collect via SMS”. 

From your smartphone: 

If you are using your smartphone, you must click on the referral link and download the app. Complete with the registration process.

If you have downloaded the app without using a Ritual referral link, you can still collect your Ritual referral reward and help the friend who referred you to get a referral coupon as well:


1.     Open Ritual 

2.     Tap on “More”

3.     Select “Promo Codes”

4.     Apply your friend’s referral code. 


How Can You Use Ritual Referral Code and Ritual Coupons?

  1. Make sure that you download the Ritual app.

  2. Click on rewards at the bottom part of the page.

  3. Go to more tab and select Refer a friend and earn.

  4. You will then have your personalized link, which you could either send to their emails, post on your facebook wall or send through messenger.

  5. Once you got your personalized Ritual referral links, don’t forget to head out to your Chums profile and paste it there so that more people would be able to see and use the link. That way, you’ll get to earn more Ritual rewards.

  6. Once your friend uses the Ritual referral link or referral code that you provided when signing up, you will earn a $10 Ritual referral reward. The one who used your Ritual invite link would also receive up to $10 worth of welcome credits.

  7. You will get a reward with every friend who signs up and purchases using your Ritual invite link. The reward would be deposited on your account within 24-48 hours after eligibility verification.


How To Use The Ritual Rewards For $1 Meals:

Ritual app is extremely convenient because even if you ordered meals that are only worth $1, you’ll still be able to enjoy their rewards:

  1. If you order coffee or lunch on Ritual, you will earn more points for Ritual bonus for free food or drinks on any partner stores.


  1. You’ll earn 10 points on every $1 meals that you order via Ritual and 20 points on every $1 order at Rewards Plus Partners.


Ritual Elite Status And How To Use It

If you order at least eight orders in one order, you can unlock Ritual Elite status and you will automatically receive 1.5x the points on all the orders using the Ritual app for the whole month, and the following month. 

Ritual Elite members can also access to restaurants wherein they will receive 5x the points on all orders at select locations, bonus points, and Ritual exclusives such as secret menus, member-only events, and more. 

For you to continue using the Ritual Elite, you need to make at least eight orders per month. To see your rewards on the blue card, follow these steps:

1.     Open Ritual

2.     Tap on “Reward”

3.     Click on “Redeem”

Ritual can let you see the amount of reward points that you can earn if you followed on your purchase, and see the points that you could cash a reward if you were a member of the program.


Earn+ And Its Benefit

If you order on the restaurant that have Earn+ symbol, you can earn up to 25 times the points on every second order that you place, within a given timeframe, at participating restaurants. You can earn 3000 points per order. 


Piggyback And Its Benefits

If you want to join your co-workers in eating lunch, you can use Piggyback on your order. You can earn 500 bonus to 1500 bonus points per guests. 

Other Ways To Earn Points

There are other way to earn points and they it call Bonus Points. These are special offers in-app and through marketing emails with some offers without purchasing an item.

Some of the points are:

+ 100 points when you visit a place for the first time

+ 500 points when you add five places to your favorite

+ 100 when you rate your order

+ 50 points when you upload your picture as profile picture

+ 1000 points when you correct an item in the menu

+ 5x points when you order dinner purchase

+ 500 points when you piggyback your teammates


What Are The Pros And Cons To The Ritual Referral Program?

You’ll be able to order any time and anywhere if you use the Ritual app so convenience is one of the main reason why referring Ritual to your family, friends, colleagues or employers is easy.

They also launch various Ritual promos and Ritual discounts, which would keep the users happy and satisfied.

Ritual is processing 1,000,000 orders in less than two months so it’s reliability is unquestionable.

With that being said, more and more people want to experience the convenience of not waiting in line for hours so there are other alternative apps developed that do the same thing that Ritual app does.

Mealpal is a startup founded in 2015 by Mary Biggins and Katie Ghelli. It is subscription-based and offers daily meals for less than $6 a day. It has served more than 500,000 meals since it’s launch in Seattle in May.

Another competitor is Swiggy, which is considered as India’s best food ordering app. Swiggy does not require a minimum amount for orders. It also has a live order tracking feature which lets people know about the progress of the food delivery process, from the preparation to travel time and the arrival. Lastly, they claim that they provide lightning fast delivery services so that the patrons can enjoy their food piping hot.

Ordermentum is a food and beverage food and beverage order management system which currently has over 20,000 affiliate cafes, restaurants and bars in their platform. As of the moment, they have made over $478M.

There are many more alternatives to Ritual online food ordering app which you could check out using your Chums profile, so that you’ll get to see the best deals, promos and discounts.


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