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FruitLab’s mission is to help all gamers enjoy their gameplay even more. We love gaming – we love Red Dead Redemption, FIFA, Clash of Clans, GTA, Forza - there are simply too many to list! We want to create the place where all gamers go to share their love of gameplay and to be rewarded for it on fair terms. To do this we have built this site with a set of partnership principles at the heart of everything we do. We see FruitLab as a partnership – a partnership between all gamers and ourselves. By watching adverts, you generate advertising revenue, 75% of which we allocate to you, the Players, on FruitLab. You receive this in the form of PIPS, which you can then spend in the FruitLab Shop buying digital vouchers. We believe this is a fair transaction for everyone – you watch and share your gameplay and you earn whilst doing it. At the same time, we earn in order to pay for the platform and to pay for the streaming of the videos to you. We are all in this together and we all have to look after the site to ensure that it works as it is meant to work – for the benefit of everyone.
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