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Public is a stock brokerage app.

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Christian's Public referral code

love that you can invest any amount for any their stock slices

Lloyd's Public referral code

Steven's Public referral code

Ashley's Public referral code

Lori's Public referral code


I love this app. It has enough that you don’t get bored. But not su much that it’s overwhelming. plus, they’re commission free, which is great!!!

Carter's Public referral code

Social media for investing

Public Referral Code Reviews

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Public Referral Code, Reward, Description, and Instruction 2020 

The American stock market has been the most significant contributor to global prosperity since the late 18th century. Its average returns are at about 10 percent annually, a much higher rate than the highest yielding savings accounts and bonds. Despite that, there are still many people who do not know how to earn passive income through the stock market. Some reasons include financial illiteracy, expensive financial products, and steep prices of shares.

These issues are challenging but not impossible to overcome. A company that is trying to provide solutions to these is Public. It is a social investing app that lowers the barrier of entry to the stock market by offering more affordable options to users. The company aims to “accelerate all people’s prosperity” and make stock trading inclusive and educational.

The simple, five-step referral process for Public

Public members can use the company’s intuitive app to buy stocks and ETFs and learn from a community of experts and fellow learners. Even better, the company has a referral program in place to encourage more people to sign up for the website. You can join it in five easy steps.

Step #1: The company’s referral program gives you and your friend free stocks when they join. Log into your Public account and select a stock or browse curated themes.

Step #2: Write a note for your recipient—tell them why you chose that particular stock for them.

Step #3: Send your friend the stock through text, e-mail, or their social media accounts. It will cost you nothing to do this, and it is free for your friend as well.

Step #4: Your friend can access their free stock when they sign up for an account on Public.

Step #5: Gift more stocks to other friends, especially your network on Chums Referral. 

More details on the reward

Your friends will receive a stock slice, or a partial share of stock, of up to $50; the actual amount is selected at random, and they will be notified of the exact value when they successfully verify their account.

People over the age of 18 and residing in the US are eligible to receive stock gifts, although you can give stocks from anywhere in the world. Your friends can sell and withdraw their gift stock up to 60 days after signing up for an account. You can also give as many stock gifts as you want, but each person may only receive one gift. 

Other companies like Public

You can earn money on the side by investing through an app like Public, as well as other similar platforms online. Here are a few companies that offer rewards as well.

●      Acorns - This is a financial technology and financial services company specializing in micro- and robo-investing. The Acorns referral agreement gives you upwards of $200 for every five friends you successfully recommend to sign up. Check their Referral Promotion Terms & Conditions for more information.

●      Drop - This company acts as a supercharger for your credit and debit cards. Link a card to Drop, and you can earn points when you use it for transactions. Drop Points can be earned in a variety of establishments, including restaurants, coffee shops, and events places. You and your friends can earn $10 if they sign up through your link. 

●      TransferWise - Sending money abroad is simpler through TransferWise. It lets ex-pats, foreign students, and businesses move money without hidden charges. The TransferWise referral program lets you and your friends earn at least £50 if they sign up.


Earning money online is easier today than ever before. Companies like Public help people start investing in the stock market and create more streams of income for their families.

Keep track of referral programs from companies like Public, Drop, TransferWise, and Acorns through Chums Referral. Download our app through the App Store or the Google Play Store, and join our network of 50,000+ happy customers and bargain hunters today!


What is the referral reward?

The Public referral reward is $20.

How many Chums have reviewed this referral code?

22 Chums users have reviewed Public and it has a 4.86 rating. Look above to read some reviews about the Public referral code.

How do I sign up?

You can sign up by clicking Get Deal

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