BlockFi Referral Codes, Discount Codes, and Reviews

BlockFi helps crypto investors manage digital assets and earn crypto by offering crypto-backed loans and crypto interest accounts.
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Get $3.50

Earn $3.50 when you sign up or purchase and earn $1.75 when you refer someone to sign up or purchase

BlockFi Referral Code Reviews

BlockFi Referral Code Reward, Description, and Instruction 2020

For digital assets management, BlockFi is the main choice for crypto investors. They also offer users the chance to earn cryptocurrency, which happens mainly through their crypto interest accounts and crypto-backed loans.

BlockFi was formed with one goal in mind: to provide credit services for individuals with limited access to simple products and services, such as owning a savings account. The company prides itself on its competitive assets like market-leading rates and quality benefits, which are features most crypto services cannot offer. BlockFi is also supported by New York’s Gemini Trust Company, LCC, which is its primary custodian.

As part of its mission and core values, BlockFi also offers a referral program, which allows its users to earn more money on the side. This guide seeks to explain how it works, to help you get the most out of your BlockFi experience! 

The Refer-A-Friend Program: How it Works

As part of its mission of providing service, BlockFi has created the Refer-A-Friend Program, which helps users receive free crypto for every successful referral. Here’s how it works: 

●      Step1: You must have a BlockFi account, as you’ll need to sign in to the BlockFi dashboard.

●      Step 2: Once you’re in, click the green button labeled as “Refer A Friend”.

●      Step 3: You’ll be given a link to copy and share with your friends.

●      Step 4: Wait for your friends to sign up for their own BlockFi account.

●      Step 5: Generate profit, earn up to $100 in BTC!

The Bonus in Detail

As of May 1, 2020, BlockFi has changed its rewards details. BlockFi users are now entitled to earn up to $20 of BTC for each successful referral. The first 5 friends they refer will garner them an initial amount of $10 for each successful referral, and all those referees will also receive a bonus of the same amount. 

After achieving 5 successful referrals, however, users will now be able to earn $20 in the future for each successful referral. The number of referrals can be unlimited, but the user is encouraged to maintain a balance of $100 in BTC for at least 30 days to receive the payment. After 30 days, the user will be able to receive the bonus in full!

Alternatives like BlockFi

●      Robinhood: Robinhood is similar to BlockFi, as it focuses mainly on stock and cryptocurrencies. As a trading platform, Robinhood empowers its users to invest in their future. To add to that brand promise and mission, they offer promotions and other bonuses upon signing up. 

●      Ibotta: Ibotta is a mobile technology company based in Colorado, which also enables users to arrive at better financial decisions. By offering cash back on their mobile application and other in-store locations, users are able to earn and save a little extra on the side. 

●      InboxDollars: InboxDollars offers its users another fun and creative way to earn—by accomplishing various daily activities! Each activity is designed to add value to people’s lives and upon accomplishing these, users earn cash. They’ve been on the market since 2000, and to date, they have paid their members over $57 million.

●      Stash: Stash provides a financial experience like no other. As a consumer-centric platform, its main purpose is to teach users to invest and bank properly, all in a seamless experience. They believe that financial opportunity is for everyone, so they’ve made their platform available to people from all walks of life.

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BlockFi offers the future of financial investments today. Through their crypto trading platforms, crypto loans, and even crypto earning and saving processes, the company empowers users to invest not just for their futures, but the digital revolution of tomorrow. Whether we like it or not, the future of financial investments is upon us—invest in crypto today! 

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