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Branch allows you to budget your paycheck and instantly access a portion of your earned wages before payday. 
Now you don’t need to worry about your cash flow -- Find out if you qualify on Branch for instant pay and then use the funds to buy gas, pay your bills and tackle emergencies. Branch helps you avoid late fees, overdrafts and credit card debt! 
Branch is the best app for hourly workers -- users can get paid instantly, budget paychecks between pay periods, get upcoming bill reminders and low balance alerts. 
With the Branch app, you can: 
- Budget smarter: get budget, balance information and upcoming bill reminders 
- Access earnings: qualify to access a portion of your paycheck and get paid instantly 
- Grow financially: grow within your company by adding skills, endorsements and certificates to your profile 
- Earn more money: pickup shifts available at your work location (*Available for select employers) 
- Avoid overdrafts: get low balance and overdraft alerts 
- Track your earnings: find out how much you will make each shift and every week 
- Chat with your team: stay in touch with your coworkers on a private and secure chat 
Unlike other apps, we have no required fees, credit checks or hidden membership costs. 
*Branch's instant pay is currently not supported by the following banks: 
- American Express Serve 
- BB&T MoneyAccount 
- Bluebird 
- Chime 
- Green Dot 
- Metabank Silver 
- NetSpend 
- PNC Smart Access Card 
- RushCard 
If you have any questions or comments, please reach out to us at 
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