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Chip automatically puts money aside for you, so you can save up without thinking about it.

Forget about saving. Forget about boring banking and budgeting apps. Forget about money management apps that nag nag nag. Just get Chip and get on with your life.

• Save just the right amount - We’ve analysed more than 160 million transactions to build a clever AI that automatically puts pounds (not pennies) aside for you. But you won’t notice the money leaving your account! Pretty neat, eh?

• Be filthy rich before you know it - Our savers have already automatically put aside more than £85 million in total. Leave Chip ticking over for a few weeks and we guarantee we’ll make you smile.

• Chip is the UK’s best personal finance app. We have the trophy from the British Bank Awards to prove it. You can also check us out in the Guardian, the Metro, the Evening Standard, BBC news, Money Saving Expert and more.
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5.0 (3 reviews)
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never even notice I’m saving money great for putting money away for rainy day

Gavin's Chip referral code


Want to save some money for a rainy day, but never do it. Chip does it all for you without you lifting a finger. It will calculate an amount you can save based on your out goings and put that away for you automatically, making saving as simple as it gets.

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