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Chipper helps you receive and send money to Uganda, Kenya, Ghana, Nigeria, Rwanda and Tanzania for free with more countries coming soon. Add cash to your chipper wallet from your mobile money and invite friends and family to send payments to each other with no fees. We charge no fees for sending money to your friends, family, and associates, unlike mobile money where you would have to include a fee for transactions. 
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Chipper deserves nothing less than 5stars. There has been clear indications of improvement on the platform, transactions are quite fast, it is undoubtedly easy to use, and exchange rates are remarkable. It is a safe haven and cheaper alternative for people who want to carry out transactions within Africa. Lovely! Keep it up chipper. Referral bonus by County 💰BONUS AMOUNTS BY CURRENCY GHS 5, KES 100, TZS 2000, UGX 3000, NGN 250, R 16

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This site is very beautiful, honest and gives a high and immediate profit. I invite everyone who wants to profit from the Internet to register on this site. Please register on this site through the link:

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