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Coin Birds - Investment farm with money withdrawal. Payment systems: Earn money by playing!

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At the shop you can buy different birds. Every bird gives special eggs which can be sold at the market and exchange for real money. Every type of birds has different amount of eggs; the more expensive the bird is, the more eggs it lays. You can buy them unlimited amount of times, our magic birds don’t die and will always give eggs!

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Coin-Birds - online investment game with real money withdrawal. Buy birds, sell eggs for real money. Your passive income is here

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سجل واربح 1000 روبل يوميا

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When you register, the site will give you marketing currencies.To invest and buy birds that produce the house, sell eggs and get coins, I enjoy working.

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Coinbirds is a mini game to earn money. Buy birds, sell eggs and convert your coins to real money. I'm a bit sceptical as I don't understand where the money comes from - but worst that can happen is that I played a free game.

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