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Digit is a free app that analyzes your spending habits and automatically makes small automatic transfers from your checking account to a savings account. Learning how to put your savings on autopilot is one of the best things you can do for your money.
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digit Referral Code Reviews

Pay For Your Digit Account By Referring Your Friends

Digits is a Micro-savings platform that has tons of features which other competitors don’t have. As a result, it currently supports more than 25,000 banks and credit unions all over the US, and a lot of users and entities have nothing but positive things to say regarding this app. Here are some of the feedbacks.

Digit Promos

There are different discount codes for Digit users. You can save as much as $50 when you use the app. You can use these discount codes when you open an account or sign up in Digit.

Refer A Friend To Digit And Get Rewarded

When you sign up for a Digit account, you will be provided with a unique Digit referral link, Digit referral code, button or badge. You will receive any of these via e-mail, social media, or text message. When you refer a friend to Digit, both of you will earn $5  if your friend signs up using your exclusive referral coupon.

You will see your reward in your Rainy Day Fund, within 30 days of the completion of the Registration Process.

Digit also has a promotion wherein if you invite your 5 friends, you will get $250. You will be notified once there are such promotions via app. They usually last for 7 days. 

How To Find Your Digit Referral Link

Here are the steps to view your referral link:

  1. Open the Digit app

  2. Scroll down for “Rewards” section

  3. Choose the “Give $5, Get $5” button

  4. Share your Digit referral link on your Chums profile, so that more people would be able to see and use it without having to ask you

How To Refer A Friend To Digit

If you enjoy using the app and you want to refer a friend, follow these steps to earn a reward:

·      Open the Digit app on your phone

·      Click the icon with your initials in the upper corner of your phone screen

·      Tap “Share Digit” in the referral section.

·      Choose your preferred sharing method

You can invite your friends via Facebook, Twitter, E-mail, Text Message and of course, via posting it on your Chums profile. You will also find the option to copy your unique Digit Referral link to use in other apps.

When your friends complete the registration process using your Digit Referral Link or referral code, Digit will send you 2 text messages. The first message will inform you that your friend signed up using your referral coupon. The second message will let you know that their first auto-savings has been completed and will notify you that the Digit referral credits has been paid out.

How To Get A Bonus For Referring A Family, Friend or Colleague

If you sign up and create an autosave account, you can earn $250 bonus for referring five (5) of your friends within seven (7) days of joining.

Here are instructions on how to get the bonus:

·      Open the referral link.

·      Enter your mobile number and password.

·      Verify your account by entering your 4 digit code sent via text message.

·      Connect your bank

·      Create a savings goal. Make sure the amount is worth $1

·      Click on “Add a Goal”

·      Create a unique goal.

·      Enter $1 and choose the soonest available date

·      Press the “Save” button.

Your $5 bonus added in your account will be automatic transfer within 24-72 hours. Once it is processed, you will have $5 plus the $1 you transferred from your bank.

Make sure to refer at least 3 friends to complete an autosave. You will receive a $5 bonus for the first two friends. The bonus would be deposited into your rainy day fund. You will receive a $90 bonus if you refer a 3rd friend.

How To Track Your Referrals

If you want to know who used your Digit referral code or Digit referral link, just open your Digit app then click on the “Track Invites” link.

Digit’s Saving Bonus

If you start saving with them, Digit will give you a 1% annual Saving Bonus paid every 3 months. In order to know your bonus amount, just know your average daily balance in your Digit account for the past three months including the money that you get in achieving your goals or bills plus the Rainy Day savings.

Since Saving Bonus is being paid out quarterly, you will receive 0.25%. So, if you have $4,000 as the average daily balance for the past three months, you will get $10 as your Saving Bonus. In order to pay the fee, you need to have a balance of $3,600 in your Digit account. You need to save between $80 to $170 a month to get the Saving Bonus.

To be updated with your next bonus, just look down to the “Rewards” section. You can also see your previous bonuses and how much you already saved.

In order to avail this bonus, you need to be active for the whole 3 months.

What Are Some Of Digit’s Best Features?

Texting Service

It allows you to communicate their services via text (SMS) messages. This is open for both iPhone and Android users. You can perform all your regular banking transactions, like viewing your balance, initiating withdrawals, saving extra money, or even viewing upcoming bills, without having to use a computer. For instance, you can simply text “PAUSE” to Digit’s number if you want to pause your savings.

Digit’s Safe Saving Level

Digit has Safe Saving Level wherein they will continue to save for you as long as you save above the amount you set.

You can change the amount you set anytime you want.

Digit’s Overdraft Prevention

In Overdraft Prevention, Digit will automatically move your money to the bank if you did not meet the amount that you set.

For example, if you set $500 as your savings every month and you accidentally save $480, Digit will automatically get $20 from your Rainy Day Fund to back up your $500.

You can set this up by opening the Slider On for Overdraft Prevention.

How To Pause Your Automatic Savings

Follow these steps if you want to pause your automatic savings at any time for up to 30 days at a time:

·      Open your Digit app

·      Go to “Settings”

·      Click on the “Rainy Day” tab

·      Click on your Goal tab

·      Click on the “Pause” option

There are also other options that you can use such as Low Balance Protection, Maximum Daily Save Limits, and more so be sure to check out all the features.

Digit Background

Digit is a micro-savings platform and app that helps users save money by analyzing their spending habits. Digit calculates how much money you can afford to set aside each day through an algorithm based on the amount you have in the bank and the amount you normally spend. They will then put the amount of money computed into your digital savings account. It automatically adjusts based on your spending habits and income range.

After the evaluation process, Digit automatically moves money from users´ bank accounts to Digit accounts. You can connect your bank account using your Chime account.

Digit was developed by Hello Digit, Inc. and it is based in San Francisco, California. It was founded in 2012 by Ethan Bloch. Currently, the company managed to raise $36.3M in 3 funding rounds.

Digit’s main competitors in the United States are Chime, Qapital and Acorns.

At the moment, Digit is only available in the United States and it supports more than 25,000 banks and credit unions in the country. The company plans a worldwide expansion in the near future. It provides a free trial wherein customers can use it for free for the first 29 days then after the trial period, they can pay a small fee of $2.99 per month. The good thing about it is that you can cancel anytime you want.

Pros And Cons Of Digit Refer A Friend Program

This micro saving platform has been extremely successful and they offer fantastic Promos for their loyal patrons and referrers. With that being said, they have a couple of competitors in this field. One of which is Chime. This American technology company provides financial services using a mobile app. It was founded by Ryan King and Chris Britt in 2013 and as of December 2019, they have 6.5 million accounts.

Another company is Qapital, which was released in Sweden in 2013 then focused in the US in 2015. They operate on both Android and iOS. In 2017, Qapital added debit card and checking services to the app.

The last company on the list is Acorns, which is a financial services company based in Irvine, California. They specialize in robo-investing and micro-investing. As of 2019, they have over 4.5 million users and $1.2 billion in assets.

There are a lot of other competitors in this field. If you wish to check more of them or further evaluate the companies mentioned above, you may do so through using your Chums profile.

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