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At Earnin, we strive to inspire fairness in the financial world. Together with our community, we’re building a new financial system that works for people.
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Earnin App Referral Code Reviews

EarnIn Referral Codes, Discount Codes, and Reviews 2020

Earnin is a financial platform of community-supported products, all of which inspire fairness in every corner of the financial world. It allows people to work their way through a better financial place. It currently offers the following flexibility features: 

●      Cash Back Rewards: Helps you earn 1% to 10% cashback for purchases. We all need the extra cash!

●      Health Aid: Gives way for better installment plans for medical bills. Unfortunately, medical bills pile up and put you in danger of drowning in debt.

●      Cash Out: Allows you to total control over your salary as soon as you receive it. Say goodbye to unfair pay cycles!

Earnin is dedicated to helping the community and hardworking people like you to enjoy what you deserve.

To use Earnin, however, you’ll need a steady payday, a smartphone, and a checking account. You will be required to connect your bank account and input your employment information, which is necessary for the company to recognize your pay schedule. Once this is added, you’re now free to use the app.

You’ll now have access to the benefits listed above, as well as the referral program. To learn more about Earnin, here is a simple guide for you.

The 5-Step Process on How to Use the Referral Code

Earnin relies on a community, which is why referrals are always welcome. The more people in the Earnin community, the closer they are to establishing a better financial system. To share Earnin with your friends and family and earn more, follow these steps:

For iOS users:

●      Step #1: Tap the “=” symbol to go to the settings

●      Step #2: Tap on the icon of the Shake the Coin bag

●      Step #3: Shake your phone until the iMessage application opens

●      Step #4: Once the iMessage application opens, you’ll find your unique referral code

●      Step #5: Simply tap on the code to share with anyone you wish

For Android users: 

●      Step #1: Log into your Earnin app

●      Step #2: Look for the three vertical dots in the upper right corner, as this will lead you to the settings

●      Step #3: Tap the Invite Friends button

●      Step #4: Upon tapping, you’ll be given a customized link to share with your friends

●      Step #5: Simply tap on the code to send out invitations 

The Bonus in Detail 

After your friends have been verified and have been able to cash out for the first time, the tip given to Earnin will be covered by your referral or the Earnin community. Earnin inherently works as a payroll system, where users are able to collect “earnings.”

The company works on a “tip” system, where users are only encouraged to pay for what they can. That helps Earnin keep up with logistical fees. There are no fees or interests, as their main purpose is to change the American financial system radically. 

Alternatives like Earnin

●      WeAre8: While Earnin pays its users to go to work, WeAre8 offers extra cash for the user’s creativity and influence. They’re dedicated to bringing brands and people together from all over the world, in the spirit of innovation, chance, and creativity.

●      MoneyLine: MoneyLine is perfect for gamers, as it is a game skill mobile application designed for iOS. Winning the game allows users to earn balance, which can go up to $25 per user.

●      Instacart: Instacart offers an innovative way to help the community. It allows users to shop for groceries online and then have their bag of goods delivered in just an hour. They work with personal shoppers available in the user’s area and offer various deals users can enjoy.

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It’s easy to get lost in rigged systems and unfair practices, but this is why Earnin exists. The average American’s financial situation is growing grimmer by the day, but Earnin’s community is actively working to relieve users like you from medical debt and unfair cashout systems.

For more codes, discounts, and unbiased reviews, download the Chums App today! The digital landscape offers innovative solutions to grow financially—you only need to find the right guide!


What is the referral reward?

The Earnin App referral reward is $14.

How many Chums have reviewed this referral code?

8 Chums users have reviewed Earnin App and it has a 4.75 rating. Look above to read some reviews about the Earnin App referral code.

How do I sign up?

You can sign up by clicking Get Deal

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