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FanDuel is a daily fantasy sports provider from the United States and bookmaker based in New York City. 
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Fanduel Referral Code Reviews

How To Use The FanDuel Referral Code in 2020

The referral program is open to all FanDuel registered players. Whenever you refer a family, friend or colleague, you will get $10 which you can then use to play in various FanDuel contests. Your friend will also get $10.  You can only refer up to 5 members per month and the rewards will expire 14 days upon issuance. Both you and your referred friend should have a live account before you’ll be able to get the reward, meaning the friend should verify their account and play at least $10 in paid contests.

How To Acquire A Fanduel Referral Link?

Head over to FanDuel’s referral center. Once you got the link, you can post it in your social media accounts, set up a league, send a challenge, send it via email or messenger or post it in your Chums profile.

How To Create A FanDuel Account?

Head over to their website. Click on the join button at the upper right side of the page then fill out the information required. To shorten the process, you can also opt to join via facebook. Click Play Now once you’ve entered all the necessary information.

FanDuel Affiliate Program

If you choose to be an affiliate, you’ll get regular monthly payments either via paypal, check or wire transfer. The offer 2 commission structures, the first one is cost per acquisition, which is a one-time payment for every player that signs up using your link. You’ll get $25 - $35 per player. The other structure is called revenue share, wherein you will get 35% of the revenue generated for their first 730 days of play.

Joining the affiliate program is free and they’re going to provide you with the marketing tools such as banner ads and tracking links in order to succeed.

Other FanDuel Promos

Aside from the referral program, FanDuel offers other promos including:

·       $5 bonus if you make a deposit right now

·       You can get up to 5 free plays if you join FanDuel Players Club

·       Your cash is convertible to FanDuel points with the rate of $1 = 5 FDP points

·       You can use your points to pay for the contests and plays

·       Free Daily Scratch off where you get the chance to win various prizes

·       Play risk-free on their casino game for up to $200 for first timers

·       Play risk-free up to $500 in site credit for first timers

Take note that FanDuel points will expire after a year of inactivity.

FanDuel Player Club Status Levels

·       Free agent – In this level, you can have as much as $250 worth of free play. This requires 50 FDP points

·       Practice Squad – This level requires 125 FDP points. You can get up to $500 worth of free play

·       Reserve – You can have as much as $1,000 worth of free play, provided that you earn 250 FDPs

FanDuel Blog

FanDuel has its own blog called The Duel, which contains daily fantasy sports news, fantasy sports tips, game analysis, NBA, NFL and MLB insights, as well as advice about betting from sports experts.

FanDuel Support

FanDuel offers email support 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You can also contact them via phone for urgent concerns.

Responsible Betting

FanDuel is not all about paying and placing bets. They also care for their members so they placed responsible betting rules and settings.

·       User Limit – you can set your deposit limit and number of contest entries

·       You can take a break from FanDuel using their timeout feature

·       In Pennsylvania, you can exclude yourself from real money gaming sites

·       Some states also have their own deposit limit levels

·       They allow qualified third parties to make an exclusion request on your behalf

·       They also post contact details for gambling treatment programs

History Of FanDuel

FanDuel is a daily fantasy sports provider based in New York city. It was founded in 2009 by Chris Stafford, Rob Jones, Tom Griffiths, Leslie Eccles and Nigel Eccles. It is the second largest DFS in the US, next to DraftKings. Currently, they have over 6 million active online members and have 1,001 employees.

In 2010, they held their first ever FanDuel Fantasy Football Championship. The winner got $25,000 and the total prize pool was $40,000.

Some of the awards that FanDuel got include Techcrunch Best Sports and Entertainment Award, Global Ambition Award from, TechCrunch's Best Sports and Entertainment Startup, Mashable's Sports Innovation Index & FSTA Most Outstanding Fantasy Contest, FSTA's Best Daily Fantasy Product for both Web and Mobile, Webby Awards:Best Sports App: Judges Selection, and Webby Awards: Best Mobile Sports App: People's Choice Award, among others. 

FanDuel Alternatives

DraftKings is the biggest daily fantasy sports contest in the US. It was founded in 2012 by Paul Liberman, Jason Robins, and Matthew Kalish. It is headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts. The company launched DraftKings sportsbook, making it the first legal mobile betting operator in the state. They also started their operations in New York, Mississippi, Iowa, New Hampshire, West Virginia, Indiana and Pennsylvania. They have 8 million active users as of July 2017 and have 1,000 employees.

American sports network ESPN has an exclusive advertising contract with DraftKings worth $250 million, as well as Fox Sports worth the same amount. Major League Baseball is also a partner.

As of 2015, they expanded their partnership to the National Football League, Bleacher report, NASCAR, UFC, Madison Square Garden and Staples Center.

DraftHero is another alternative for FanDuel. It was founded in 2014 by Barak Eisenstein and is headquartered in San Francisco. DraftHero’s edge over competitors is that forming a fantasy team is extremely fast and untedious. You can form your team in less than 30 seconds because the interface and game types are straightforward and easy to understand. They also have bigger prize money amounting for up to $500,000.

The company provides fantasy experience for basketball, baseball, hockey and football. For first time users, they offer 200% price match during sign up. They also offer money back satisfaction guarantee, meaning that if the users lost for the first time and don’t want to play anymore, they’re going to give them a full refund for up to $100.

Based on the statistics, it is said that their users create up to 3 teams per day and log in around 25 times to check in the real-time score updates. DraftHero can be played by players located in the US and Canada and it has no cap on player’s budget and salary.

Like FanDuel, DraftHero also has a blog called Hotzone, which features major sports news and amazing feature pieces.

Another FanDuel competitor is koroboost, which is a VIP World of Warcraft boost service. The company is located in Dublin, Ireland. They offer a lot of perks and promos to their customers, some of which include 10% discount if you subscribed to their push notifications, a whats on sale today portion and KoroPoints rewards, wherein loyal customers get points for every transaction, which they can then use for free services. Every 100 KoroPoints is equivalent to 1 euro off.

Fanztap is a fantasty sports site founded by James Craft and Robert Bingham in 2015. Their headquarters is located in Denver, Colorado. Its edge over other sports site is that it has no rake or a fee that users have to pay whenever they run a contest.

Last is the Fantasy Football Champs, a company founded in 1999. Its difference between the other websites is that it solely focuses on football fantasy games. They offer 2 package types, namely basic and premium. Basic package costs $49.95 a year and includes draft kit, customized cheat sheet, mock draft tool, draft tracker, in-season rankings, waiver wire reports and stats analysis and tools. Premium package has all of those, as well as other additional features including one on one live chat with staff, text message injury, live strategy sessions, articles, survival pool, exclusive DFS contests and prizes. The payment option is also modified. You can choose if you want to pay for a whole year or weekly. For a whole year it costs $99.95 and $7.77 weekly.

There are other fantasy sports sites aside from these. Head over to your Chums account to check them out.


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