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Fluz is a cash back app. 
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Join Fluz through my link and get 3 vouchers for up to 35% cash back at Chipotle, Domino’s, Spotify, and more.
4.9 (25 reviews)

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Breanna's Fluz referral code


purchase a $5 giftcard to dominos and earn big cash rewards

Senad's Fluz referral code


Join The BIGGEST Fluz Newtwork - We have over 8,491 Members and We Get Paid Daily. Join Us and Make Money On Day 1

Zach's Fluz referral code


Join with my code and you get 3 vouchers for 35% cashback and everyone you invite gets you another 35% voucher. pretty underrated cashback app. Has a ton of stores/, restaurants etc. to choose from and you can use the app to pay with your card so you automatically get the cashback.

Fluz Referral Code Reviews

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