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Ibotta is a Denver, Colorado based mobile technology company that enables users with its smartphone app to earn cash back on in-store, mobile app, and online purchases with receipt submission, linked retailer loyalty accounts, payments, and/or purchase verification. When you complete at least one task per product offer, the product is automatically added to your "Checklist" on the Ibotta app so you can earn money for purchasing the item. ... In order to get the cash for completing the tasks, you will then need to purchase the products at a participating store
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ibotta Referral Code Reviews

Use The Ibotta Referral Program To Make Extra Cash

Ibotta is one of the more popular cashback apps in the United States that pays members for everyday purchases. If you are an existing user of Ibotta, you can earn more money by participating in the Refer a Friend program.

How To Get The Ibotta Referral Code Benefit

You only have to share your referral code with your friends and you will get $10 for each of them who signs up using your unique Ibotta Referral link. Your friends will get a $20 welcome gift and will be part of your Ibotta-Team. If three of your friends successfully register and redeem with Ibotta, you will split $100,000 with other qualifying users. 

Read that closely - $100,000 split between you and other qualifying users. It can pay to refer! Ibotta also does a great job of making their referral program extra social. It's fun to track your friends and see how they spend and save through Ibotta. Also, because you can spend money through Ibotta, Ibotta’s referral program is extra great because you can easily put the $10 referral bonus or $20 referral bonus to an item you would be buying anyway. Shop your heart out by referring your friends! 

Ibotta Background, History And Current Trends

Ibotta works with IoS and Android devices. Users must select the rebates before shopping and redeem the purchase once they’ve paid by scanning the QR code on the receipt or uploading a picture of it. Money is automatically added to their accounts within 24-48 hours and once they’ve reached $20 it is possible to withdraw the earnings via Paypal, Venmo and others.

According to Forbes.com, the app has been downloaded 23 million times since 2012 when it was launched. By January 2018 the company paid over $275 million to its users who spend $6 billion per year using Ibotta. 

The company has over 500 employees, most of them working in Denver where its headquarters are located. Ibotta had 5 funding rounds and has raised a total of $85 million

Understand the Ibotta Referral Program Terms and Conditions First

Conditions For Existing Customers:

In order to participate in Ibotta’s Refer a Friend Program and start earning your Ibotta Referral rewards, you must:

  • Be a United States resident

  • Be 18 years of age or older

  • Your friend must sign up using your unique referral code

  • Your friend must redeem a purchase

Conditions For New Customers:

To be a member of Ibotta and get cash back for shopping, you must be a resident in the United States of America and be 18 years of age or more. 

You must meet the following conditions to become an Ibotta referral user:

  • You have not used Ibotta before

  • You must be the only Ibotta member on the device

  • You must use the Ibotta referral code or Ibotta referral link sent to you by a friend or influencer. 

Please note that you have to redeem a purchase to help your friend get the Ibotta referral reward. 

You will receive a $20 welcome gift when you register for the first time. In order to get it, you must do 10 rebates within the first 2 weeks (14 days). If you do not redeem the amount of offers required you will lose your welcome bonus. It is important to mention that this is not an Ibotta referral reward: at the moment, the only ones who get referral coupons are the existing members. This promotion is just a welcome bonus.

Sign up! Start saving and start referring your friends!

How To Redeem Your $10 Referral Bonus

If you are already using Ibotta, you probably know that when you refer your friends to Ibotta, you are also building your Team. 

If this is your first time using the app, you should learn that Ibotta allows you to earn extra bonuses each month by working together with your friends. Your Ibotta referral friends will be part of your team, as well as your Facebook friends if you log in using this social media and they are part of Ibotta community. 

You can earn extra bonuses and rewards for saving and earning cashback with your team and Facebook friends. This makes everything more social and fun, and is one of the reasons Chums loves Ibotta. 

You do not need to do anything to redeem your referral bonus. Sometimes it can be helpful to remind your friend to make enough qualifying purchases in the allotted time period, but you will be able to track this if they successfully signed up through your referral link because they will show up in your team. Once they make the necessary number of qualifying purchases, the referral bonus will be automatically posted in your account and will show up in your profile. You will redeem it automatically when you buy your next product through Ibotta. 

Where To Find Your Ibotta Referral Link and Referral Code On Your Phone

Ibotta promotes its referral program heavily so it is easy to share from the app. It is also easy to find your Ibotta referral code and referral link on your account page. Follow the below steps if you are having trouble finding either your Ibotta referral link or Ibotta referral code (you can also read about the terms and conditions of the refer a friend program on this page):

  1. Open Ibotta

  2. Tap Account

  3. Click on Invite Friends

  4. Scroll down and get your refer a friend code

You can e-mail or text your Ibotta referral link or send it via Whatsapp, Telegram or any other app. 

Where To Find Your Ibotta Referral Link and Referral Code On Your Web Browser

Ibotta is primarily a mobile application but they have a website where users can interact with certain promotions and account settings. You can find information on your Ibotta referral link and Ibotta referral program on your web browser and easily share it through social media, email, text and more. Follow the below steps if you need help finding your referral link or code:

  1. Open Ibotta on your web browser

  2. After you sign in, click on your profile on the upper right side of your screen

  3. Click on Settings

  4. Go to “Account”

  5. Copy your Ibotta Referral link or Ibotta referral code.

You can invite to join Ibotta as many friends as you want, there is no limit to receive referral coupons. When a new friend has used your Ibotta Referral link or referral code you will receive a notification via email. 

How To Sign Up Using Your Friend’s Ibotta Referral Link or Ibotta Referral Code

It is easiest to sign up through an Ibotta referral link. When your friend sends you the link, just click through it, download the app and sign up. If your friend sends you an Ibotta referral code instead, download the app through the app store and copy and paste your code into your Profile or Account page. If the referral code is not automatically recognized you will have the chance to paste it at the end of the registration form! Be sure nobody else is using Ibotta on your device and start getting cash back for your everyday purchases.

Best Cash-Back App Alternatives To Ibotta

Cash-Back apps are one of the hottest types of mobile applications right now. People love saving money and new technology has made it way easier. Ibotta is a great example of a company doing an awesome job leveraging technology to help its customers saving money. Ibotta has a few competitors that you can use along with Ibotta. At the very least, try them all out to take advantage of their referral program and referral rewards. Below are the top alternatives to Ibotta:

  1. Dosh

  2. Rakuten

  3. Earnin'

  4. Drop

Remember to download the Chums Referral app for iOS or Android to easily refer your friends and pick which of your friend’s codes to use. You can also check out reviews for Dosh, Rakuten, Earnin, Drop, Ibotta and a few others in the same category on Chums

Next Steps and How to Take Advantage Of Ibotta’s Referral Program

Download the Chums Referral app for iOS or Android and see which of your friends use Ibotta, Dosh, Rakuten, Earnin', and Drop. Make a decision based on what your friends think and then use the referral code of whoever has been most helpful to you! Add your referral code to Chums to then easily add it to your profile, and share it with more friends. If you are already a user of all of the companies above, then it is still worthwhile to download Chums to easily share your referral codes and referral links. 


What is the referral reward?

The ibotta referral reward is $10.

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