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Laurel Road is an american lending and banking company offering student loan refinancing, mortgages, personal loans, and more.
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Laurel Road Referral Code Reviews

Laurel Road code benefits

The user gets $400, the referred customer gets $400.

Conditions for receiving Laurel Road Referral Code benefit

Laurel Road will reward a combined total of $400 to the referrer and the referred borrower for each new borrower that is referred as part of our Student Loan Referral Program starting 9/12/2017.

The referred borrower must have refinanced and/or consolidated their student loan(s) with Laurel Road. Laurel Road will only pay one referral payment per borrower, regardless of when or how many loans refinanced and/or consolidated by the borrower.

The amount paid to the referrer and the referred borrower will be set by the referrer prior to sharing their referral link with the referred borrower, up to $400 total.

Referred borrowers can only be referred by one person.

Referrals cannot be made for existing Laurel Road customers or applicants.

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