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Provident Financial plc is a British sub-prime lender, also described as a "doorstep lender", based in Bradford, West Yorkshire.
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Provident Referral Code Reviews

Provident Refer a Friend Program in 2020 

Provident is a UK lending company. Provident offers a Refer a Friend program that helps the existing customer to earn a £30 referral coupon when the referred friend receives a loan.

Terms And Conditions For The Provident Refer A Friend Program

To participate in the Provident Refer a Friend program, the existing customer and the referred friend must be between 18-74 years of age. Both of them must also be legal residents of the UK. 

Conditions To Participate In The Provident Referral Reward For Existing Users

  1. To participate in the Provident referral program, you must be an existing customer of Provident. 

  2. You can only invite to participate in this Refer a Friend program to people you know. You are not allowed to refer people that you don’t know. 

  3. In order for your friends to successfully earn you referral coupons they must be new to Provident, they must qualify to get a loan and they must receive a loan of £100 or more.

  4. If your referred friend has paid off a loan fewer than 6 months ago, they won’t qualify to participate in this Provident referral program. 

Conditions To Participate In The Provident Referral Reward For Existing Users

At the moment, the Provident referral program doesn’t offer a referral coupon for referred friends. Nevertheless, you should keep in mind these requirements to help your friend to earn Provident referral rewards:

  1. You have never been a Provident customer or you have paid off a loan more than 6 months ago. 

  2. You must accept a loan. 

How To Refer A Friend To Provident

Follow these steps to refer a friend and to earn a referral coupon for each friend that gets a loan:

  1. Ask a Provident representative to give you a Provident referral leaflet.

  2. Complete the leaflet with your personal information and your friend’s information.

  3. Give the leaflet back to the Provident representative. They will contact your friend or relative. 

For Referred Customers

A Provident representative will contact you if you are eligible to get a loan of £100 or more. They will ask you for additional information and then approve you for a loan if you qualify. 

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