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San's Rakuten referral code


Fantastic way to get additional money.To earn this bonus, make qualifying purchases totaling $30 or more within 90 days of becoming a new member.You can get paid through Check, Paypal or American Express Membership Rewards. The value of Amex Reward points are much more worth when you use it for travel.Thank You

Kelly's Rakuten referral code


I can’t think of a time now where I don’t use Rakuten while shopping online. It is basically giving me back a percentage of the money I am going to be spending at this online store no matter what, so that is a silly thing to ignore. As long as you make sure you go to the Rakuten app first and then activate your shopping trip from their homepage, you will be on your way to cash back heaven! Let’s not overlook the best feature of them all though: the referral bonus. Right now, it is at $30.00 and can be achieved by following the steps I mentioned and ensuring that you spend a minimum of $25.00 (pre-tax) for your first purchase. If you succeed, we will both be credited with $30.00 in our accounts which can be converted to cash.

Ken's Rakuten referral code


Megan's Rakuten referral code

Easy to use, lots of affiliates. Again, you're already going to buy it, why not double up and use this along with credit card and other purchase rewards?

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