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Revolut Ltd is a UK financial technology company and neobank. Its services include a prepaid debit card, fee free currency exchange, commission free stock trading, cryptocurrency exchange and peer-to-peer payments

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Revolut Referral Code Reviews

How To Use The Revolut Referral Code in 2020 

Revolut is a UK financial company that offers banking services. If you join Revolut using a referral link, you will receive a free prepaid debit card and a £5 (or €5) referral coupon when you spend £10 (or €10). Your friend who referred you will also receive £5 (or €5) Revolut referral reward.

Revolut Refer A Friend Program Terms and Conditions

In order to utilize Revolut services and join the Revolut referral program, you and your referred friend must be 18 years old and above and you are both legal residents of the European Economic Area.

Terms to get the Revolut Referral Reward – For Existing Account Holders

If you want to get the Revolut referral coupon, consider the following requirements:

·       You must be a Selected Revolut account holder to refer a friend

·       Your friend must sign up using your unique referral link and spend £10 (or €10) using their new Revolut card to earn Revolut referral reward

·       There are no limits for referral coupons

How to Look for your Unique Revolut Referral Link

To send your Revolut referral link to your friends and earn Revolut referral rewards, follow these steps:

·       Open your Revolut app

·       Click on “More”

·       Select “Invite”

·       Copy your Revolut referral link

·       Send it via personal message using email or messenger. You can also paste it on your Chums profile or other social media account such as Facebook or Twitter

Revolut Perks

You can receive Perks or cashbacks and discounts if you are one of the loyal customers that uses their Revolut card every day. If you are a Standard customer, Perks are given after every 10th purchase while if you are using Premium and Metal, these are provided instantly. 

How to earn using Revolut Perks

Follow these steps in order to get Revolut’s perks:

·       Download the Revolut app

·       Open the app

·       Log in your details

·       Open “Perks” from the dashboard

·       Activate your reward and enjoy

If you are a Standard customer, click on “Show more” to see how many payments are needed for your next reward.

Revolut Perks are currently available for UK customers but they are working out for other countries. In order to access these Perks, you need to have the latest version of Revolut app.

Revolut Perks Plus

When you use Perks Plus, you can receive more special offers in accommodation, beauty, fashion, food, leisure, and travel. Perks plus is exclusively for Revolut Premium and Metal customers. Just like Revolut Perks, this feature is available for UK clients but they are working out for other countries.

How Revolut Perks Works

If you use Revolut Premium or Revolut Metal, you will receive mobile notification coming from Revolut that invites you to Perks Plus. If you don’t have access to existing Perks, just download the latest app version.

Revolut Partnerships

Revolut works hard in researching which brands to partner with in order to provide their loyal customers the best deals. The roster of their most current brand partnerships include:

  • Expedia

  • Get Your Guide

  • Gousto

  • Treatwell

  • Turo

  • Trainline

  • National Express

Revolut Business Perks

Aside from the Perks, which are available only for Personal Account, there are also Perks for Revolut Business. As of the moment, there are 28 perks that you can choose. You can choose among the following perks: Hardware, Finance, Travel, Marketing, Operations, and Legal.

Revolut Cashback

Cashbacks means spending on something receiving a fixed or percentage amount, usually in form of a voucher. You will automatically receive cashback when you shop using your Revolut card with one of their supported stores.

Revolut Discounts

You can also get discount on supported stores when you pay using Revolut. Depending on the establishment, you can receive different discounts. For restaurants, you can get 30% off; for beauty and transportation, you can get 20% off; for groceries and shopping, you can receive 15% off; and lastly, for travel and entertainment, you can receive 10% off. 

Revolut Savings Vaults

You can earn up to 1.05% annual interest when you choose to put your money in savings vaults. This feature is only available for premium and metal subscribers and for people who have a sole tax residency in the UK. Using savings vaults is easy. You can immediately withdraw your money whenever you want to, without experiencing any hassle.

More information about Revolut

Revolut was founded in 2015 by Vlad Yatsenko and Nikolay Storonsky. This company is supported by some of the world’s most well-known investors, including Dropbox, Skype, and Facebook.

This UK-based digital banking converts one currency to another based on interbank rate with a low fee, purchases cryptocurrencies, and invests on the stock market.

They have some features such as premium monthly subscriptions, mobile phone insurance, savings accounts, credit, rewards, and many more. They have two types accounts that you can choose for: Personal Account and Business Account. Under Personal Account, you can choose four accounts: Standard, Premium, Metal, and Junior.

One feature of Revolut Personal account is that they have an app called “Budgeting by Category from Revolut”. This helps you save your monthly budget according to individual categories like groceries, health, restaurants, travels, utilities, and many more. 

The company received a lot of awards in business industry such as “Investor Allstars 2019”, “UXUK Awards”, “UKtechawards 2019”, and “London Business Awards 2019”. Revolut Business has some features such as API & Integration wherein you can integrate apps that you are using or build custom integrations, as well as Corporate Card wherein you can spend globally without hidden FX fees and interbank exchange rate in over 150 currencies.

Last March 24, 2020, Revolut launched its app in USA. Revolut USA has associated with Metropolitan Commercial Bank for the banking infrastructure. However, there are some features in Revolut U.K. that are not available in Revolut USA as of the moment. One feature of Revolut US is that they allow you to get your salary two days in advance if you give your Revolut information to your employer.

Other Alternatives for Revolut

There are other options that you can use aside from Revolut for digital banking services.

One of the alternatives that you can use is N26. N26 is a German company that was founded in 2013 by Valentin Stalf and Maximilian Tayenthal. They cater 25 countries and they have main offices in Berlin, New York, Barcelona, Vienna, and São Paulo.

There are two main accounts that you can choose and these are the Personal Account and Business Account. Under Personal Account, you can choose either N26 Bank Account, N26 You, or N26 Metal while the Business Account, you can choose either N26 Business or N26 Business You.

N26 has features such as bank account protection when buying in stores and online using fingerprint identification and advanced 3D Secure technology, expense tracker, cashback guaranteed (for Business Account), and perks guaranteed (for N26 You and N26 Metal).

Another option that you can use is Monzo. Monzo is a mobile-only digital bank based in the United Kingdom that was founded in 2015 by Tom Blomfield, Jonas Huckestein, Jason Bates, Paul Rippon, and Gary Dolman. You can only avail of the company’s services if you are a UK resident.

There are four types of accounts that you can choose: Monzo Current Accounts, Monzo Business Accounts, Monzo Joint Accounts, and Monzo 16-17 Accounts.

Some features of Monzo are paying in shops, restaurants, online, or anywhere in the world in any currency without fees, withdrawing everywhere you are, giving reports on your expenses after you travel, getting eco-friendly in their “Energy Switching”, keeping tracks of your bills.

Another application that you can use is Transferwise. Transferwise is a UK company which was founded in 2011 by Kristo Käärmann and Taavet Hinrikus. They are available in 59 countries and have 14 offices around the world.

You can choose from Personal Account to Business Account.

Some features of Transferwise are holding up to 40 currencies in your account and setting up sub-accounts with many account numbers.

You can also use Bunq. Bunq is a Dutch bank which was founded in 2012 by Ali Nikman. European Union citizens can open an account for free but they are active in Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, and Spain.

They partnered with Transferwise in 2018 to send money faster and cheaper and to exchange currencies.

There are five types of subscriptions that you can choose for: Travel, Premium, Premium Super Green, Business, and Business SuperGreen.

Some features of Bunq are receiving instant notification about your transactions, opening sub-accounts for budgeting, saving money, saving up to 3% for travelling, and doing paperless.

Lastly, you can use Monese. This UK-based company was founded in 2015 by Norris Koppel. Monese is known as “the first mobile account in the UK”. They also received an award as the “2016 European Fintech Awards Winners of 'Best Challenger Bank'”. They were also named as one of the “Fast Track Disruptors to Watch in 2018” by The Sunday Times.

This application is available to Iceland, Norway, and European Economic Area. They have offices in London, Tallinn, Lisbon and Berlin.

Some of its features are: managing your money, adding funds into your account, spending using credit card, budgeting your money, transferring money, and using for business.

If you are looking for more alternatives, head over to your Chums profile where tons of company information and reviews could be found.


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The Revolut referral reward is Free VISA.

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