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Stash provides financial opportunity to all. Stash is a consumer finance platform that unites investing, banking, and education into one seamless experience. Chums is partnered with Stash and gets compensated for the leads it sends to Stash. 
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Stash Referral Code Reviews

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Simplify The Very Big World Of Mobile Investing With Stash

Sign Up Through A Referral Code To Get The Best Discount Possible

Stash is an American financial app that allows its users to invest in stocks and funds. Mobile, robo-investing apps, startups and websites are one of the quickest growing subsectors of financial technology right now. Person finance is one of the hottest themes and sectors of that. With that, you can always expect some of the best referral codes, referral bonuses and referral discounts on the market. The rule of the thumb in the referral program market is that the hot companies in the hot sectors trying to grab market share have the best referral programs. The Stash referral program fits these criteria perfectly.  If you download Stash through a referral link, you can get a $5 referral coupon. The person who invited you to join will also get $5 as a Stash referral reward. The Stash referral award is by far the best discount and referral bonus you can find for Stash. If you to pull the reins in on your investments with a wonderfully user-friendly, fee-transparent and innovative company, Stash is an awesome fit. Getting paid $5 to sign up for such a service and giving the friend that referred you $5 is just a good deal. Check out Chums to see what your friends think of Stash, see which friends have a Stash referral code, and to see what companies compete with Stash and also have great referral programs. 

Stash Refer A Friend Program Terms And Conditions
To use Stash services and to participate in the Stash referral program, the existing user and the referred friend must be legal residents of the United States. In addition, both of them must be 18 years of age or older. 

Conditions To Get The Stash Referral Discount - For Existing Users

  1. In order for your friends to successfully earn your Stash referral reward, they must click on your Stash referral link and qualify to open an eligible account.

  2. You can send unlimited Stash referral invitations. However, you can earn up to $500 in Stash referral coupons per calendar year. 

  3. You will get the Stash referral coupon within 3 business days after the referred friend opens an account. 

  4. If someone signs up and forgot to click on your Stash referral link, you can still contact the Stash support center and provide your personal details and your friend’s information. If appropriate, your Stash referral reward and your friend’s referral coupon will be deposited on your accounts. This feature is unique and is a huge benefit to the Stash referral program. Most referral programs approach this situation through the opposite lens. 

Terms To Recieve The Stash Referral Bonus

  1. You have never used Stash before. 

  2. You must click on your friend's Stash referral link or add his or her Stash referral code and download the Stash app. 

  3. To receive the Stash referral bonus, you must link your bank account, confirm your identity and fund your new Stash account with $5 or more. You can withdraw anytime and the $5 Stash referral bonus will be added within 3 business days of your initial investment. 

How To Use The Stash Refer A Friend Program

How To Share Your Stash Referral Code or Stash Referral Link

Follow these steps to find your Stash referral link or Stash referral code and share the Stash referral program with your friends and relatives:

  1. Open Stash on your smartphone

  2. Log in to your account

  3. Tap on the menu and select “Give Stash”

  4. You will be able to copy your Stash referral link or share the Stash referral program via Facebook and Twitter. To maximize the amount of money you make from sharing your Stash referral code or Stash referral link is to share the link to your Chums profile. Your friends and family can read your reviews to Stash and to the other companies on your profile. You can get the $5 Stash referral bonus when your friend or family member used your Stash referral code or Stash referral link, but you can also get a referral bonus from any other company that a friend or relative tries.  

How To Sign Up Using A Stash Referral Link

If you have never used Stash and you would like to earn a $5 referral bonus, follow these instructions:

  1. If you receive a Stash referral link on your smartphone, just click on it and download the app. 

  2. Complete the registration process, link your bank account and fund Stash with $5.

  3. You will see your Stash referral coupon automatically reflected on your account within 3 days. If you have any trouble or if the Stash referral bonus does not post on your account, email Again, this is a huge advantage of Stash and the Stash refer a friend program - they will help you or explain to your why your Stash referral bonus did not post on your account.  

Note that if you click on a Stash referral link from your computer, the Stash referral page will be opened on your web browser. You will have to provide your phone number and you’ll receive a text message with a link to the Play Store or the App Store so you can download the app.

What Chums Likes About Stash

We are suckers for good referral programs. The Stash referral program is fantastic because $5 in straight cash is top notch, plus the support behind the Stash referral program is awesome. Stash makes it very easy to retroactively redeem the Stash referral bonus if something went wrong when you signed up through a Stash referral link or with a Stash referral code.

We also like the concept of easy investing tools and find the theme of most of them in line with Chums’ mission. Our generation is riddled with financial burdens, and services optimizing returns, educating people on financial best practices and providing transparent access to high-level investment tools with low minimum investments and nominal fees is great. There are not many big, high-buy-in mutual funds that offer referral programs.

Stash Alternatives And Pros And Cons

There are two main alternatives to Stash so we will break down a comparison in two categories: 1. Type of investments, and 2. Referral Programs.

Robinhood: Robinhood gives the user way more control of the investments he or she chooses. Robinhood investors can pick individual stocks, funds, and trade without fees. Robinhood also offers fantastic blog articles and investment hints and tools. For these reasons, Robinhood is a fantastic tool but it is slightly more advanced. 

Robinhood’s referral program is maybe the best referral program in the industry. New customers get a random stock which could range from $5 to a couple hundred depending on your luck. We have seen many reviews and social media posts of new Robinhood customers taking great advantage of Robinhood’s referral program and striking gold. This referral bonus is in a league of its own in terms of cash value and ease to redeem.

Acorns: Acorns was one of the first on the scene and the first of these mobile-first low-fee investment tools to reach a billion-dollar valuation. Part of the reason they achieved such success is because of how easy it is to use Acorns. Instead of having to make an investment and pick stocks as you do with Stash and Robinhood, Acorns does a fantastic job of rounding up money pretty passively and putting it right into a fund. You have some choices but Acorns makes strong recommendations on the best low-cost, exchange-traded funds. 

Acorn’s referral program starts at $5 as a lot of the other personal finance apps do. Because the premise of Acorns investing strategy is based on pooling many smaller contributions, $5 is actually a good chunk of change. Acorns also was one of the first to implement a layered referral program where customers referring to his or her friends would get different referral bonuses based on how many friends they have invited. For example, and with very rough numbers because of the promotion changes often, you get $5 for each friend you invite up to 3 friends. If you invite a forth, that referral is worth $20, the fifth is worth $30, and if you invite 10 friends within a week or two then you will get $1000. This refer a friend model changed the game for Acorns and activated the depths of the referral world. 

Stash Is A Great Place To Start For A Mobile Investing App And Referral Program
If you want a good entry point into the world of mobile, robo-investing, Stash is a great start. You are incentivized to do so with a fantastic referral program that not only gives you $5 just for signing up, but provides an opportunity to share your Stash referral link or Stash referral code with friends to make an additional $5 bonus for every other friend who signs up. 


What is the referral reward?

The Stash referral reward is $5.

How many Chums have reviewed this referral code?

38 Chums users have reviewed Stash and it has a 4.92 rating. Look above to read some reviews about the Stash referral code.

How do I sign up?

You can sign up by clicking Get Deal

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