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TFG Crowd is one of the youngest p2p business lending platforms from Europe. TFG Crowd is where investments go to become success stories. Pick your next great investment from the list of TFG Crowd-vetted businesses & projects 
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💲 With my link you get a bonus of 50 Euro (July 2021). ➡️ Invest 500 Euro in one project. ➡️ The project must run for at least 180 days. ➡️ You can withdraw your money as soon as the project ends. 🤑 Earn a passive income by reinvesting and earning interest on it. 🌎 Everyone from European Union, UK, Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein can invest. 💎 TFG Crowd is a p2b-lending platform. You lend your money to small businesses and receive interest for it. 💎 You can get interest rates above 20 % (but be careful, the higher the rate, the higher the risk). ❗ Warning: TFG Crowd has a bad reputation right now, which is why I give them only 3 stars. This does not mean that you will run into trouble, but some people seem to have had bad luck with TFG Crowd. ❗ Check out my profile for other p2p/p2b-platforms where you can more or less safely invest.

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