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Sending money abroad is deceptively expensive, thanks to the hidden charges we’ve all been forced to pay. Now TransferWise lets expats, foreign students and businesses move money wherever it's needed, at the lowest possible cost. No hidden charges, no headache.
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TransferWise Referral Code Reviews

How To Make Money With Transferwise in 2020

TransferWise is an online money transfer platform based in the UK. If you sign up by clicking on a referral link sent to you by a friend, you can get a free $500 (or 500 GBP) transfer as a TransferWise referral reward. The person who invited you will get a $50 (50 GBP) referral coupon when 3 friends join TransferWise and make a qualifying payment. 

Please, be aware that there are several TransferWise referral programs and that they are automatically assigned to each user.

Transferwise Referral Program Terms and Conditions

  1. In order to participate in the Refer a Friend program, you must be an existing user.

  2. To get the TransferWise referral reward you will need to verify your identity and you’ll be required to upload a copy of your ID.

  3. Referral coupons are transferred to your bank account. 

  4. To receive the TransferWise referral coupon, 3 friends must sign up and make a qualifying transfer.

  5. A qualifying transfer for this Refer a Friend program is a 200 GBP transfer (or the equivalent in another currency supported by TransferWise).

  6. Same-currency transfers are excluded from this TransferWise referral program. Nevertheless, if they complete a qualifying transfer in the future, it will count for the Refer a Friend program. 

  7. If your referred friends make a transfer for less than 200 GBP, it will still be free but it won't be a qualifying transfer and you will not get your TransferWise referral reward. 

Keep in mind that it is not possible to transfer the TransferWise referral coupons in the following currencies: KRW, PKR, RUB, and ZAR. 

TransferWise can only pay out referral rewards for a total amount of 80 BRL to Brazilian bank accounts. Brazilian customers can exchange the TransferWise referral reward for fee credits.  

Conditions To Receive The Transferwise Referral Reward For New Users

  1. You have never used TransferWise before.

  2. You must click on your friend's referral link to sign up.

  3. You cannot apply the TransferWise referral credits to pay for credit card fees.

  4. In order to help your friend to successfully earn a referral coupon you will have to make a transfer for 200 GBP or more. 

  5. You can only make transfers from credit and debit cards or bank accounts. 

How To Use The Transferwise Referral Program And How To Share Your Link

Follow these simple steps to share the Refer a Friend program with your friends and find your unique TransferWise referral link:

  1. Open your web browser and visit

  2. Log in to your account.

  3. Visit the TransferWise referral page.

  4. You will see your unique referral link that you can copy and paste anywhere you’d like. 

If you prefer, you can click on the “Share” button to post the Transferwise referral invitation on Facebook or Twitter. 

Keep in mind that you can find the link to the Transferwise referral page on the left menu that appears when you log in to your account.

When your referred friend signs up, you’ll receive an email notification.

How To Sign Up Through A Transferwise Referral Link

If you receive a Transferwise referral invitation by email, you must click on the “Claim your free transfer now” button. Otherwise, you must click on the Transferwise referral link. Once, the TransferWise referral page is opened, you’ll see the referral reward that you’ll receive after you sign up. Provide your email address, create a password, and click on the green button that says “Claim your fee free transfer”.

Start transferring money! Remember that same-currency transfers do not qualify for this Refer a Friend program. 

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