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TRON is one of the major 24/7 blockchain underlying operational systems with a TPS of 2000, surpassing Ethereum and Bitcoin. Currently, its market cap is among the top 10 on a global scale.

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⚡claim your 300 TRX points⚡ @cryptosers + TronLink Claim your 300 free TRX points ✅Download TronLink app ✅Click section "My" ✅Select "Friend Invitation" ✅Click "Claim Rewards" ✅Enter code if needed: 2gWw ✅Done ➡️Direct link: What to do with the TRX Points: Once the TRX points are distributed and available for use you will have the ability to convert or exchange the points for certain major cryptocurrencies such as TRON(TRX), ETH, BTC, BTT or candies.

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Gather TRON With your Mobile Or PC Get Free 4000 TRX, and 100 more through each referral you bring Sharing Date on 5TH MAY 2021

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