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WorldRemit is an online money transfer service that provides international remittance services to migrant communities around the world.
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World Remit Referral Code Reviews

Convert your Currencies Using WorldRemit

WorldRemit is a global money transfer service that allows you to send and receive money using the website or app. If you sign up to WorldRemit using your friend’s referral code, you and your friend will receive $20 referral coupon or reward.

WorldRemit Referral Program – Terms and Conditions

If you want to use the referral coupons, here are the following terms and conditions:

·       Your friend must send a minimum amount in order to receive the referral coupon. The minimum amount varies on the location of the sender.

·       You and your friend will receive the referral coupons in the form of an online voucher within 10 days after your friend sends a qualifying amount of money.

·       You can use your voucher once. The amount of the referral coupon will be deducted from the total amount when sending money.

·       The referral coupons will end 12 months after the issue date. 

How Does WorldRemit Refer A Friend Program Work? 

·       You can join the referral program if you are already sending money using WorldRemit

·       You can send your WorldRemit referral code and referral link to your friends, relative, and a family member that do not live in your house. Family members that live in the same household as yours are not qualified to join the WorldRemit referral program

·       You will not receive the WorldRemit referral reward if they send the money back to you

How to use the WorldRemit Refer A Friend Program

How to get the WorldRemit Referral Code – for existing users

·       Open the WorldRemit website

·       Log in to your details

·       Look for My account field

·       Select Settings

·       Click on Refer a Friend

·       Copy your referral code and referral link

·       Share the link using your Facebook, Twitter, or Chums

Other WorldRemit Promos

·       You wouldn’t be charged on your first 3 money transfers. Just add the promo code “3FREE” when you pay

·       You would get $20 voucher if your referred friend sends $100

Other information about WorldRemit

WorldRemit is an online money transfer firm that offers international remittance services. They were also the first online money transfer company that gives emphasis on mobile-to-mobile remittances. You can download their app with Android or with iOS.

Ismail Ahmed, Catherine Wines, and Richard Igoe founded this company in 2010. Its headquarters can be found in United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Belgium, Australia, Japan, New Zealand, Philippines, Poland but its main headquarter is located in London, United Kingdom. They serve over 150 countries worldwide using 90 different currencies.

You can send your money thru smartphone or your phone. They can also approve your transactions within a minute and they will charge you with a low fee and best exchange rates with no hidden costs. They can also guarantee that your money is protected and can be delivered safely because they partnered with Verified Visa, MasterCard SecureCode, aws, and PCI Security Standards Council.

They offer cash pickup, bank transfer, mobile money, airtime top-up, door-to-door, and pay to pre-paid card. You can also send money through WorldRemit Wallet.

Other Alternatives for WorldRemit

There are other alternatives that you can use aside from WorldRemit.

One of the alternatives that you can use is the TransferWise. This UK online money transfer company was founded in 2011 by Kristo Käärmann and Taavet Hinrikus. They have 14 offices around the world and they are available in 59 countries. They support over 750 currency routes worldwide. In 2018, their net profit reached more than $8 million. As of 2020, they have more than 2000 employees.

The company is open also for freelancers, sole traders, entrepreneurs, small to medium sized businesses to large or enterprise level business.

You can transfer money using their website or their application which is available in iOS and in Android. You can hold up to 40 currencies in your account and set up sub-accounts with different account numbers. You can transfer as low as $1 and it is good for small transfers.

They were included in the list of East London’s 20 Hottest tech startups by The Guardian. They were also chosen as Startup of the Week by Wired UK and were included in UK’s list of top 100 startups in 2012. In May 2015, they were ranked number 8 on CNBC’s disruptor 50 list and in August 2015, they were named as a Tech Pioneer on World Economic Forum.

Another alternative that you can use is XE. XE (or Xenon Laboratories in earlier years), which is a Canadian based online foreign exchange tools and services company. The company was founded in

1993 by Steven Dengler and Beric Farmer.

In 1995, XE launched its website and became the most popular currency site. Then, in 2000, they focus their service on foreign exchange tools and currencies full time. In 2002, they opened their company to USA, Europe, and over the world. In 2009, they launched the XE Currency App in iPhone. In 2010, they became one of the “Greater Toronto Top Employer “. In 2015, they became a member of Euronet Family. In 2019, HiFX merged with XE.

One of the features of its website is that when they have currency graphs and charts at their homepage. Also, they have a “Responsive Website Launch” that arranges its application in all devices and platforms based on your varying screen sizes, platforms and orientations. They also have “XE Currency Data” for businesses to have reliable and exact exchange rates. They also have “Alexa Bot Launch” wherein you can access XE Currency information with Alexa.

Another online money transfer that you can use is the OFX. OFX (or formerly known as OzForex) is an Australian a payment company and an online foreign exchange founded by Matthew Gilmour in 1998. The Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) regulated the company. They are also listed on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) and Australian Financial Markets Association (AFMA). Their company is located on different places: Australia, Auckland, San Francisco, London, Toronto, and Hong Kong.

The company supports to money transfer services to migrants, expatriates, small businesses and also big companies such as ING Direct, Macquarie International Money Transfers, MoneyGram, Travelex, and Xero.

They offer Personal Account, Business Account, and for Online Sellers. You can save 50% when you use OFX. You can send large amounts of money and they waive the transfer fees when you send $10,000 or more. There is also no limit in sending money.

You can also use InstaReM. InstaReM (short for Instant Remittance) is an online remittance which was founded in 2014 in Singapore by Prajit Nanu and Michael Bermingham. Aside from Singapore, its offices can be found in Australia, Canada, Europe, Hong Kong, India, Malaysia, and USA. They also have an app available in Android and iOS.

InstaReM fees ranges from 0% to 1% depending on where you live. The fees are subject for changes and can be reviewed on the InstaReM currency converter. Their competitive rates come from Reuters.

Aside for lower fees, this company offers getting money in 1-2 business days and earning bonus InstaPoints upong joining and transferring money every time. You can redeem these bonuses when you make a transaction. They also have multi-currency payments and accounts.

Lastly, you can use Xoom. Xoom is an electronic funds remittance and a PayPal Service that was founded in 2001 by Kevin Hartz. This electronic fund remittance supplier lets you pay bills, reload mobile phone, and send money to over 131 countries from the USA or Canada. The company has offices in San Francisco, California and Guatemala. In 2015, PayPal attained Xoom.

In 2010, the company was mentioned in a study by the Inter-American Dialogue that out of 79 remittance service providers, the company got the highest consumer satisfaction ratings in transparency of the transparency of foreign exchange, fee and value. In 2012, the Inter-

American Dialogue made a follow up survey and they found out that among 51 remittance service providers for the US to Latin America market, Xoom ranked top one in terms of a variety of factors including network, fees, FX, countries served, and inclusiveness.

Moreover, in 2011 and 2012, they were listed in the Wall Street Journal's annual "Next Big Thing List" list as one of the 50 most promising venture backed companies. You can send money through Xoom in three ways: deposit it in a bank, send cash for pickup, or have cash delivered to you. Whatever option you choose, they will send a text update and an email notification. You can also have an online access or call them thru their staff whatever time of the day every day. They will then provide you a receipt showing the exact fee and amount you receive. Aside from that, Xoom values your privacy so they do not provide your financial information to anyone. Lastly, if there’s any mishaps, contact their support team and they will try their best to refund your money.

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