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 Xoom Corporation, also Xoom, a PayPal Service is a electronic funds transfer or remittance provider that allows consumers to send money, pay bills and reload mobile phones from the United States and Canada to 131 countries. 
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Xoom Referral Code Reviews

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The Low Cost Way To Transfer Money In 2020

Xoom is one of the largest money transfer companies in the world with 1 million active customers. Just with an internet connection, you can use Xoom on a mobile phone, computer or tablet to send money with transparency and low-costs. As one of the largest and quickest growing companies in this space, the Xoom referral program helps new customers save money when signing up and helps existing customers make money when telling friends about the service. 

How Does The Xoom Referral Program Work?

Signing up to Xoom is simple. The Xoom referral program gives friends $25 when signing up and $25 when referring friends. The process of earning continues when you keep on referring Xoom to your friends, family, and relatives. There are certain procedures to refer to this code to your friends. But, before that, you need to have a Xoom account. On completing the steps mentioned herein below, you can transfer funds and then invite friends through the Xoom refer a friend program.

Using Xoom On A Desktop:

The first step involves signing up for a free account.

  1. On Xoom.com, there are ample money transfer options. The portal provides options like the recipients’ name, country, and account and delivery methods. On entering the recipient’s name, bank name, address, and account number, you fulfill the last criteria of the first phase.

  2. The third process involves entering payment information. Here, you can enter which card you are going to use.

  3. Don’t forget to review your credentials before confirming your transaction. 

  4. As soon as you create a Xoom account, you can make quick transactions. 

After making your first transaction, you should familiarize yourself with the Xoom refer a friend program. 

How To Use The Xoom Refer A Friend Program

  1. Before using the Xoom referral program or sending the Xoom referral code or Xoom referral link to friends, you have to log in to your Xoom account. If you don’t have one, then sign up from your web browser through Xoom.com. 

  2. To start using the Xoom refer a friend program, move to the icon page where the “invite friends” option is available on the Xoom page. Clicking it will direct you to a page where you have the options to share it via Twitter, Facebook, and email or through your unique referral link. We suggest add your Xoom referral code or Xoom referral link to your Chums profile to earn the largest referral bonus. When you add your Xoom referral link or Xoom referral code to your Chums profile, the friends and family that you share the code with will be able to see the other products and services that you use. They will be able to read your reviews and try other products and services that you refer. 

  3. When you choose one of the referring options, your link drops in the friends’ inbox. 

  4. And, as soon as your friend makes his or her first international transaction through the Xoom refer a friend program, $25 gets added to your PayPal account.

  5. You can continue with the process of your family or friends. When your friend makes a $50 transaction or more, the same $25 gets deposited in his or her PayPal account also. This feature is a huge advantage to the Xoom referral program: the deposit goes directly into the PayPal account. Instead of a credit or coupon to the next Xoom service, the credit is cash. 

What Are The Best Features Of Xoom Money Transfer Services?

Irrespective of the device you have to conduct money transferring services in Xoom, the portal is an excellent medium to have safe international transfers. There are different features of Xoom that stand out from the rest noted below.

  1. The Xoom refer a friend program is top notch. $25 is on the highest end of referral cash bonuses, and the fact the Xoom referral bonus is deposited into PayPal is a huge advantage.

  2. Unlike other electronic fund transfer services or services through most large banks, you can make international transfers cheaply and quickly. The secured platform is an easy method to send money to other countries. 

How Much Does It Cost To Transfer Money Through Xoom?

Xoom charges a fee depending on the country you live in and the country you are transferring money to. If you are operating through the United States bank account, the fee will be less than in other countries. The customer has to pay a flat fee of $4.99 for transactions less than $2,999. 

Xoom is known for its transparency. Xoom clearly shows the customer the total price of the transfer, which includes fees and exchange rates. The 128-bit data security encryption protects all information related to the transfer of funds. One of the leading companies in the world is now recognized as third-party privacy organizations. If you face problems in getting details about complete money transfer, then Xoom provides a money-back guarantee. Even in certain conditions, you can attain a refund of your transaction. 

What Are The Pros And Cons To The Xoom Referral Program?

Apart from conducting safe and secure transactions, the Xoom refer a friend program allows you to earn and redeem referral coupon codes that provide bonuses in Amazon and other online retailers. The $25 Xoom referral bonus is at the top of its field and is an acknowledgement from Xoom that referrals are extremely important to the growth of its business. Almost half of the referral programs in the space earn credit or additional discounts. Xoom’s $25 referral coupon is paid out through PayPal, which is a huge advantage as compared to other money transfer companies in the space.

What Are The Alternatives To Xoom?

Since the introduction of Xoom, it has stayed a popular choice among the residents of the United States. But, there are many other alternatives for cheap international transfers. There are lots of options to transfer funds overseas. It is up to you to check its authenticity and legal policies to stay out of unanticipated risks. If you are looking for alternative channels to send your funds or money abroad, then, here is the list for you. choose the one that suits your preferences.

Ria money Transfer is one of the popular mediums for transferring your money abroad. Its operating in more than 130 countries. This transfer option offers recipients to collect their cash instead of sending the funds back to their account. The charges may vary depending on the transfer you make which involves physical transfer or online one. Using an online rate calculator, you can obtain the desired charges for your transfer. Pay Pal is the owner of Xoom. And, on the other hand, the international funds transfer medium operates over large number of countries. If you and the recipient possess a PayPal account then, it is wise to consider while transferring funds abroad. Here, the cost of transfer depends upon the amount you are sending, mode of payment and currency conversion. One of the leading alternatives to Xoom is MoneyGram. The internationally popular funds transfer network charges fees depending upon the amount of money you are sending, mode of transfer of funds and destination you are sending. 

Apart from these 3 alternatives to Xoom, there are other options which are making the process of transferring funds easier. Various options related to Xoom include TransferWise, Remitly, and many more.

Xoom Is A Great Option for Cheap and Transparent Money Transferring

Log into the Xoom app from your applications store to start sending money and making money from the Xoom referral program.After making proper registration you can obtain various benefits of Xoom transfer. The perks of using Xoom can be either in way of rewards or bonuses. The Xoom referral program is an adequate step to award the customers who refer their friend or relatives. Once your friend makes an international transfer, you and your friend get the opportunity to win referral award.  This referral policy can help your friend to earn a credit on their monthly energy bill. Referring 7 friends can earn you perks that will eventually help you to pay off your energy bills.

Xoom Money Transfer is a digital medium for transferring funds to far oof places only at the click on your mobile phone, desktop or tablet. In Xoom, there are different options which will lead you to make a bona fide money transfer. This transfer involves several transaction fees. The fees here vary depending upon the amount of money you send, mode used for sending the funds, the country’s recipient you wish to transfer.

In a nutshell, Xoom is an internationally popular channel providing exemplary transfer services to the United States and another 130 countries. The platform allows easy accessibility with great customer assistance, cash pick-up facility, 100 % refund policies and affordable transfer fees and exchange rates.

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