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With Zeux, we help you to open savings and investment accounts seamlessly, track and monitor your spending, and enable payments, while getting returns for your money.
On top of that, we charge no fees for payments, cryptocurrency conversion and transfers.

Make you money work for you
- Compare the best saving accounts and investment products on the market
- Earn up to 6% on your money

Master your financial life
- See all your accounts in one place
- Categorised spending shows you where your money goes
- Instant notifications every time you spend

Borderless Spending
- Zero-fee FX when you spend abroad
- No fee for receiving International transfers

Pay anyone
-Send money to anyone with just a mobile number
-Money is available moments after a transfer is sent
-Start using Zeux immediately without having to wait for a payment card

Pay with cryptocurrencies everywhere*
- Convert your cryptocurrency & pay with you phone in one click
- We currently support BTC, ETH, BCH, BSV, QTUM, NEO, VET, USDT, ONT, XEM, USDC
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