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Bugatchi is a high-end luxury brand that is the epitome of modernity and sophistication. BUGATCHI caters to the man who seeks quality and comfort while striving to retain his individuality. The collections pioneer the use of exclusive fabrics and premium quality details and finishes, executed in bold coloration while also featuring classic designs, yarn-dyes, and prints.
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Get 2.1%

Earn 2.1% when you sign up or purchase and earn 1.1% when you refer someone to sign up or purchase

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Bugatchi  Referral Code Reviews

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Bugatchi  code benefits

The user and the referred customer get 20% off

Conditions for receiving Bugatchi  Referral Code benefit

  • The referrer is offered 20% off for each friend who orders for the first time.
  • This offer can be shared for 3 months from the date of acceptance by the referrer.
  • In order for the referral to qualify for the reward the referred friend must be a new customer to Bugatchi and over the age of 18 and the referred friend must meet the conditions of their reward.
  • There is no requirement for the referrer to be an existing Bugatchi customer.
  • In order to share this offer the referrer must be over the age of 18.
  • Rewards will be cumulative and so if multiple qualifying referrals are made to Bugatchi, multiple rewards will be delivered to the referrer. A Referrer may not earn more than 5 within any 24 hour period or 25 within any 12 month period or $1500 of reward value within any 12 month period. 

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