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FabFitFun delivers a curated collection of full-size products across beauty, fashion, wellness, fitness, home, technology and beyond - to more than one million members.
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Get $3.50

Earn $3.50 when you sign up or purchase and earn $1.75 when you refer someone to sign up or purchase

FabFitFun Referral Code Reviews

Earn $15 with the FabFitFun Referral Program

FabFitFun is a subscription service that ships customized boxes with health and beauty products. If you join FabFitFun by following a referral link, you’ll get a $10 referral coupon and the person who invited you to join FabFitFun will receive a $15 referral reward.

Conditions For The FabFitFun Referral Reward Program

  1. Please keep in mind that in order to use FabFitFun services and to participate in the FabFitFun referral program, the existing subscriber and the referred customer must be 18 years of age or more (or 13 years of age or older if they have parental consent).

  2. To earn FabFitFun referral coupons, the existing subscriber and the referred friend must be located in the US, UK or Canada. 

  3. FabFitFun referral coupons have no cash value. 

  4. The FabFitFun referral rewards can only be redeemed towards a qualifying purchase on the site. 

  5. The FabFitFun referral coupons cannot be transferred. 

  6. You cannot combine the FabFitFun referral coupons with other promotions or discount codes. 

  7. FabFitFun referral coupons may have an expiration date. 

Conditions To Receive The FabFitFun Referral Reward For Existing Subscribers

  1. To participate in the FabFitFun referral program, you must be an existing subscriber. 

  2. Same household members do not qualify to participate in this Refer a Friend program. 

  3. You can't use your FabFitFun referral credits to pay for past orders. You can only use the referral coupons to pay for your next purchase.

How To Find Your FabFitFun Referral Link For Existing Subscribers

Follow these steps in order to get your FabFitFun referral link to share with your friends:

  1. Open your web browser and visit FabFitFun.

  2. Log in to your account and visit the FabFitFun referral page

  3. You’ll be able to send FabFitFun referral invitations by e-mail, and of course, you can share the link on your Chums profile so your friends can easily find it. 

Conditions To Receive The FabFitFun Referral Reward For Referred Members

  1. You must be new to FabFitFun.

  2. You must click on your friend's referral link.

  3. You must make a qualifying purchase. Have in mind that a Starter Box invites are not eligible for this Refer a Friend Program.

  4. Same households do not qualify for this FabFitFun referral program. 

How To Sign Up By Following A FabFitFun Referral Link For Referred Members

Follow these instructions if your friend has sent you a FabFitFun referral invitation or if you have it on their Chums profile:

  1. Click on the FabFitFun referral link.

  2. When the FabFitFun website is open, choose a plan.

  3. Complete the registration process; the FabFitFun referral coupon will be available at checkout. 

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