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Greats is the new footwear brand designing classically inspired sneakers for men and women using luxury high quality materials. 
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Greats Referral Code Reviews

Greats Referral Program Rules Of The Road

Get To Know Greats And The Best Discounts Available

Greats is a Brooklyn-based brand that is founded by Ryan Babenzien and Jon Buscemi in 2014. They sell product direct to consumers on their website, so have much more control over cost, quality and discounts.

They have various sneaker styles and colors. There’s the go-to white sneakers which is also known as Blanco and the black sneakers called the Nero. These two are their bestsellers. They also have exclusive Greats royale shoes which are handmaid in Italy and have the highest quality which are built to last. They produce limited-edition sneakers as well every now and then.

The brand was so successful that it dabbled into selling women’s sneakers. Initially, they were focused on selling men’s sneakers as that is their expertise. But last October, they launched both styles in eight Nordstrom stores on the West Coast.

The brand was also featured in some of the most prestigious magazines and websites including GQ, Esquire, Vogue, Hypebeast, Forbes, Bloomberg Businessweek, Forbes, and Entrepreneur, among many others. A couple of notable collaborations that hey made include Grey Jason Wu collaboration which sold out in 12 hours and the Marshawn Lynch partnership which sold out in 49 minutes.

How To Create A Greats Account

1. Go to the Greats website.

2. Click on the person icon on the upper right corner of the page.

3. You will have the option to either login or create an account.

4. For those who already have an account, just fill in the log in credentials.

5. For customers who are new, click on the create an account button.

6. You will then be redirected to the account creation page where you will need to put your first name, last name, email address and password.

7. Click on the Create button.

And there you have it. Once you’re already a member, you can start shopping or sending Greats promo codes to your family or friends so that you’ll also get Greats discounts.

The Greats Referral Program 

Nothing feels more rewarding than being able to refer your family, friends,

workmates and even frenemies and getting rewarded for it. That’s what the Greats referral program is all about. Once you send them a Greats discount code, either via email, posting on Facebook or sending it through messenger, they will get a $30 discount for their first purchase and you will get a $25 discount.


Where to Find The Greats Sneakers Referral Program

1. Go to their website.

2. Click on get $25 field on the upper corner.

3. You will be redirected to a form with a header that says Give $30, get $25. Choose an option on how you would send a Greats discount code to your peers.

4. Enter your email and your friend’s email. You can modify either the subject or the note.

5. Click Send email once you are finished.

6. You can also display your referral code on your Chums profile. That way, more people would be able to see and use your Greats Referral Code.


You can also check the sign me up for updates so that you’ll get the first dibs on new releases, as well as Greats promos and discounts. As you may notice, there is no need to sign up in order for you to be able to generate a Greats discount code. But of course, you can create an account so that you’ll have a faster purchase on selecting and buying footwear.


Greats Promos

Besides their referral program, Greats has many other perks and promos for their loyal patrons. Some of which are free shipping and free returns on all orders, provided that it is within the US. They also offer 10% off on any order, as well as up to 67% off on the sale items.


Greats Brand Shoes Return Policy

Greats accepts returns as long as the products are undamaged and it’s within 21 days from the shipment date. What’s better about it is the shipping cost will also be shouldered by the footwear brand. You can expect to receive your refund within 10 business days after the return has been shipped.


What Are The Best Features Of Greats?

1.              Greats Sneakers has a mission to sell high-quality sneakers using premium materials at affordable rates because they believe that it’s ok to buy luxury as long as you don’t overpay.

2.              The sneakers are made with full-grain leather with waxed cotton laces and a molded footbed.

3.              This footwear empire sources and manufactures their products straight from Italy, in Le Marche region, which is famous for its shoemaking tradition. They work with the best craftsmen and craftswomen to ensure top-notch quality and design.

4.              The sneakers are incredibly comfortable and the padded heel and tongue adds to the comfort.

5.              Greats Sneakers is trying to address sustainability issues by using 25% reclaimed rubber in the soles, as well as the insoles. They also have a knit version which is made from a combination of ocean plastic and 100% recycled single-use plastic.

6.              The products that they produce are Timeless. They create minimalist styles and designs that surpass generations and trends.

7.              They offer Greats bonuses and discounts on referrals. If you send a Greats Referral Code to your family, friends, colleagues or frienemies, they will get $30 discount and you will get a $25 discount so it’s a win-win situation. They also offer free shipping and free returns on all orders, provided that you are from the United States.

8.              They have an available live chat, as well as customer service support which operates from Monday to Friday at 10 am – 9 pm EST and from Saturday to Sunday at 10 am – 6 pm EST.


What Are The Pros And Cons To The Greats Referral Program?

Greats Sneakers are a perfect product to refer. They look great and are made with high-quality materials. You can also use a referral discount if someone sent you a Greats promo Code.

Greats has been established on 2014 and since then, their footwear empire just kept on growing. But since the demand for sneakers in general has been too high, there are a lot of competitions around nowadays. A lot of them are well-known worldwide.

One of the competitors is Nike, which is the world’s largest supplier of athletic apparel and shoes. It has been established on 25th of January, 1964 as Blue Ribbon Sports and became Nike, Inc in. During 1974, its Nike Waffle Racer even became the best-selling sneaker on the market.

Another competitor is Adidas, which is the largest sportswear manufacturer in Europe, and second largest all over the world, next to Nike. During 1969, Run DMC wore Adidas in impersonation of ‘prison style’ worn by inmates. After not being taken seriously, they released a song called My Adidas and had a deal with the shoe empire after. This marked the start of the hip-hop sneaker culture.

Converse, another competitor was founded in 1908 and has been a subsidiary of Nike since 2003. Some of the most well-known collaborations that converse had includes Offwhite x Coverse Chuck 70, the Wiz Khalifa collection and the upcoming collaboration with Yoon and Ambush.

You can check out other competitors using your Chums profile so that you don’t miss out on the offered bonuses and discounts.

In summary, Greats Sneakers is an incredible footwear brand that uses high quality materials and sells its products at affordable rates.

They also offer various Greats discounts and promos, one of which is the Greats referral program, where all you have to do is send the promo code either via email, Chums or a Facebook post. You can also send it through messenger and the people who you sent it to would be able to get a $30 discount on their first purchase and you will get a $25 discount as well. Another one is the 10% off on any order, as well as the free shipping and returns if you live in the US.

Last but definitely not least; they have superb customer support. You can either choose LiveChat if you have urgent queries and you can also send your questions or concerns via a form found on their website and they will definitely get back to you as soon as possible.

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