Uniqlo Referral Codes, Discount Codes, and Reviews

Uniqlo is one of the largest Japanese casual wear designer, retailer and manufacturer with locations worldwide. When you sign up to UNIQLO US using an UNIQLO referral link, you can get a referral discount for 5% off your first purchase. UNIQLO US offers a dual sided Refer a Friend Program: when you make your first purchase, the friend who referred you will also receive a referral discount for 5% off.
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Uniqlo Referral Code Reviews

Uniqlo Code Benefits

Buy a product and get 5% off with a referral code!

Conditions To Receive The Uniqlo Referral Code Benefit

This Refer a Friend Program is offered to shoppers on the US online portal (https://www.uniqlo.com/us/en/home/) so in order to participate and get UNIQLO referral rewards, the existing customers and the referral friends must be legal residents of the United States and be 18 years of age or older. 

UNIQLO referral rewards cannot be exchanged for cash. You may only use the UNIQLO referral discounts towards any online purchase on the US site. UNIQLO referral rewards are not transferable

Uniqlo Referral Program Conditions- For Existing Customers

  1. You cannot participate in the Refer a Friend Program if you work for UNIQLO or any of its subsidiaries, promotional agencies or affiliates.

  2. You can send 500 UNIQLO referral invitations throughout the entire Program. However, you will be able to send only 25 UNIQLO referral invitations per online session.

  3. You can earn 25 UNIQLO referral rewards per calendar year.

Keep in mind that for you to get the UNIQLO referral reward, your friends must sign up using your exclusive UNIQLO referral link and redeem the unique referral promo code at checkout.

Uniqlo Referral Program Conditions- For New Customers

  1. You are new to UNIQLO US. You have never purchased on UNIQLO US website before. 

  2. You do not work for UNIQLO or any of its affiliates, subsidiaries or promotional agencies.

  3. You must click on the UNIQLO referral link to register online.

You must use the unique UNIQLO referral promo code when checking out. 
It is not possible to combined the UNIQLO referral discount with other promotional codes.

Creating Your Uniqlo Referral Link- For Existing Customers

As it is not a requirement to register on https://www.uniqlo.com/us/en/home/ to send UNIQLO referral invitations, you only have to follow these simple instructions to create your referral link:

  1. Access to https://www.uniqlo.com/us/en/home/

  2. Click on “Get $10” at the top of your screen

  3. You will be able to send your UNIQLO referral invitations via e-mail, Facebook, Whatsapp or Facebook Messenger. 

  4. If you prefer, you can copy your UNIQLO referral link and paste it anywhere you want.

Redeeming Your Uniqlo Referral Coupon- For New Customers

If you have received a UNIQLO referral invitation by e-mail, here’s what you must do:

  1. Click on “Shop Now”

  2. Enter a valid e-mail address on the pop-up display that you will see when opening the site using your friend’s UNIQLO Referral link.

You will get a UNIQLO referral promo code to redeem when checkout. 

You must follow these same steps If one of your friends sends you an UNIQLO referral link through Whatsapp or any social media account. 

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