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UrbanStems is an online portal that delivers flower bouquets.
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UrbanStems Referral Code Reviews

UrbanStems Referral Code, Reviews and Ratings in 2020

Presenting someone with a bouquet of flowers is a tried-and-tested way of showing appreciation to them. However, it can be hard to source high-quality blooms; unlike non-food items, or wine, a bouquet has a short shelf life. To make sourcing flowers as fun as receiving them, you can try using an online gifting service like UrbanStems, which source flowers and make unique arrangements for all occasions.

UrbanStems works directly with Rainforest Alliance Certified™ farms; as such, there are no middlemen, the bouquets cost far less than if you buy them in person and your loved ones receive fresher flowers. The company also provides coast-to-coast next-day delivery in the U.S., and same-day delivery in New York City and D.C.

What’s more, the company has an online referral program, which helps you give more to your friends and family while reaping some benefits for yourself. All it takes if for you to follow five simple steps to get started.

The UrbanStems Referral Program: A 5-Step Code Usage Process

Step #1: Make an account at UrbanStems and log into it. Scroll to the bottom of the landing page for account holders and click on the part that says "Earn $15 for every friend you invite."

Step #2: After you click, you will reach another page with a box asking for your e-mail address. Enter the e-mail address you use for your UrbanStems account in the box and click "Start Sharing." You will generate a link, which you can share with your friends and family.

Step #3: Copy the link in the box and start sending it to your friends and family who have not availed of UrbanStems’ service. Only people who do not have an UrbanStems account is eligible to apply. You can share your link on your Chums Referral profile, send it through SMS, or share it on your social media pages.

Step #4: Once your contacts click on the link, they will receive an e-mail with a promo code. This allows them to collect a $15 discount on their first order. Remind them to use your link. When they set up a new account without going through your link, the system will not count this as a referral and neither of your accounts will reflect the rewards.

Step #5: When they complete their first transaction, you will get $15 off your next purchase. UrbanStems has no cap on the number of referrals for each account, so you can keep inviting people to earn more discounts on your flowers.

Details on the reward

Each order can only use one promo code, and your contact can only enter this during the checkout. When you are going through the checkout process, there will be a box on the page where they can input the code. Furthermore, Subscription orders are not eligible for further discount, so these cannot be used in the referral program.

Alternatives to UrbanStems

Other companies provide similar rewards as UrbanStems. These companies have other products and services, but they also provide discounts to users and people they get to sign up or purchase. Check these companies out and see which ones your friends and family might be interested in!

●      Poll Pay – This company allows you to earn extra money by completing polls and surveys. You can get your rewards in the form of gift cards or PayPal Cash. Some companies that offer rewards are Amazon, Xbox, Netflix, and Google Play.

●      Avon - For more than 125 years, Avon has been a leader in the beauty industry. Avon has six million active Sales Representatives today, and they have an active affiliate program. It allows people to earn a commission on their Avon products and have free shipping for orders over $40, among other benefits.

●      HitLeap - This is a traffic exchange platform, and it helps businesses and professionals discover each other’s websites online. Aside from letting you discover more companies online, it also has an affiliate program that lets you earn a percentage of the buying traffic from those you refer to HitLeap.

●      Ellevest - An investing platform specifically for women, it tailors portfolios and advice to female needs and goals. Furthermore, they have Impact Portfolios across several diverse asset classes. Their affiliate program lets both the current user and their referred contact earn a discount on some services.

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