Vistaprint Referral Codes, Discount Codes, and Reviews

Vistaprint is an online company that sells marketing products for small businesses. If you make your first purchase by following a Vistaprint referral link, you can earn a $20 referral coupon. The person who referred you will also get a $20 referral coupon. 
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Vistaprint Referral Code Reviews

Vistaprint Code Benefits

If you make your first purchase by following a Vistaprint referral link, you can earn a $20 referral coupon. The person who referred you will also get a $20 referral coupon. 

Conditions For Receiving Vistaprint Referral Code Benefit

You can sign up and participate in the Vistaprint Referral program from any country in the world. However, before you order your products and sign up for the Refer a Friend Program, you may want to check the list of the places available for shipping. 

Vistaprint referral rewards have no cash value. You can use the referral coupons towards the purchase of any item, but the rewards don't cover taxes or shipping. 

Vistaprints referral reward cannot be exchanged for money and they are not transferable.  

How To Get Vistaprint Referral Rewards

To start sending Vistaprint referral invitations you must sign up for the Refer a Friend Program at the Vistaprint referral page. You will be asked to agree with the Terms and Conditions before getting access to your unique Vistaprint referral link. 

  1. You can send unlimited Vistaprint referral invitations.

  2. You can get unlimited Vistaprint referral credits. Nevertheless, the company may change this term in any moment without any previous notification. 

  3. Your friend must click on your Vistaprint referral link.

  4. The Vistaprint referral customer must use your referral code to checkout.

  5. Your Vistaprint referral friend must make a qualifying purchase for you to get the Vistaprint referral reward. To be considered a qualifying purchase the Vistaprint referral customer must spend a minimum of $40.

  6. Once the Vistaprint referral customer makes the qualifying purchase, you will receive an e-mail letting you know that your referral coupon is available. You will get the notification within 3 business days after the purchase was made. 

  7. The Vistaprint referral voucher expires in 1 year after the issued date. 

How To Get Vistaprint Referral Voucher

  1. You must click on your friend’s Vistaprint referral link.

  2. You must use the referral code that you get when you open the site. 

You must spend a minimum of $40. Taxes and shipping cost are excluded. You don’t have to be an existing customer or make a previous purchase in order to participate in the Refer a Friend Program and start earning Vistaprint referral rewards. You only have to complete the Vistaprint referral form on the referral page. 

How To Find Your Vistaprint Referral Link

Follow these steps to send Vistaprint referral invitations: 

  1. Open your web browser.

  2. Open the Vistaprint referral page: click on “Refer a Friend” at the bottom of Vistaprint website. If you prefer you may follow this link

  3. Complete with your personal details and accept the Terms and Conditions.

  4. You will be able to send the Vistaprint referral invitation by e-mail or share it via Facebook or Twitter. You can also copy your Vistaprint referral link and paste it wherever you wish. 

You will receive an email with the conditions of the Vistaprint referral program and your Vistaprint referral link, just in case you want to share it in another moment.  

How To Get The Vistaprint Referral Bonus For New Customers

If you’ve received a Vistaprint referral invitation or you’ve seen it posted on Facebook or Twitter, you must follow the Vistaprint referral link. 

Once Vistaprint portal is opened, you will get a unique referral code to use towards the first purchase on the site. Pick the items you’d like to buy, make your own personal designs and at the moment of checking out, the referral code will be automatically applied if you spend more than $40. 

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