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WebEyeCare is an authorized retailer offering discount contact lenses and glasses at the guaranteed lowest prices.
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WebEyeCare Referral Codes via Chums

WebEyeCare Referral Code Reward, Description and Instruction 2020

WebEyeCare is your online source of discounted prescription glasses, sunglasses, contact lenses, and accessories. Through their website, you get access to dozens of the world’s leading eyewear brands at prices you can’t beat!

Having your vision correctness prescription filled has never been easier. You simply upload your prescription, and WebEyeCare’s team of vision experts will process, verify, and deliver your eyewear needs straight to your door and in no time at all.

The best part is that once your customer profile is saved on their database, you can reorder your prescription in the future without any hassle. It’s as good as having an optical store next door, and in some ways, even better! 

The WebEyeCare Referral Program: A 5-Step Code Usage Process

To make the most out of WebEyeCare, you definitely need to use their loyalty program. You’re automatically entered once you create an account, and it lets you earn points by performing a variety of simple tasks. These include making a purchase, posting about their service on your social media accounts, and referring a friend to join in on the fun. 

Every ten points you earn equates to $1 that you can spend on any of WebEyeCare’s products. That means that not only would you get to enjoy their amazing prices, but you’d also earn money just by using their service!

Referring a friend gives you the most number of points. You get 1,500 points for every friend you refer who signs up and makes a successful purchase, so it’s definitely worth inviting as many people as you know. Here’s how to do it with Chums: 

Step #1: Copy your WebEyeCare referral code by logging into your loyalty account.

Step #2: Enter your Chums profile and look for WebEyeCare from the list of programs.

Step #3: Paste your referral code and add a review so that it gains more attention.

Step #4: Wait for people to use your code and get credited with tons of points.

Step #5: Invite more people to Chums so that you can get to earn even more points!

The Bonus in Detail

WebEyeCare gives you 1,500 points for every successful referral you make. That’s $150 you get to spend on your next pair of designer sunglasses, prescription eyewear, contact lenses, and accessories!

It will take a bit of waiting on your part, though. You’ll have to wait for 30 days so that your referral can be processed and approved. It’s well worth it though, so be patient!

Other Brands Like WeBEyeCare

Looking for other eyewear specialists on Chums? We’ve got you covered! 

●      Blender Eyewear: This is a San Diego-borne company that specializes in statement sunglasses to keep your eyes protected when surfing, skiing, and anywhere in between. Earn $20 for you and your friend when you sign up and make a purchase.

●      Lens.com: Established in 1995, Lens.com is an online contact lens superstore that carries all the popular brands you know and more. Sign up through Chums, and you get to enjoy wholesale prices, quick delivery, and a bonus of $10 to boot. 

●      Lensabl: Looking to get your prescription lenses replaced? Lensabl provides a convenient and affordable solution that you can count on. You get $25 when signing up through our service, and you get to share that opportunity with your friends as well.

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We’ve partnered with WebEyeWear so that you can take care of your vision correction needs completely hassle-free! More importantly, we make an already-amazing service even better by giving you more ways to maximize it to your advantage.

Download our app, available for both iOS and Android, to get your WebEyeWear referral code and start earning points today. Browse through user testimonials, look for other awesome brands, and share the fun with your friends and family!


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