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Yogi Surprise is a monthly yoga care package.
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Get $5.25

Earn $5.25 when you sign up or purchase and earn $2.62 when you refer someone to sign up or purchase

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Yogi Surprise Referral Code Reviews

Yogi Surprise Referral Code Reward, Description, and Instruction 2020

Yogi Surprise works like a subscription service, which can be likened to a magazine. Their company focuses on finding the best products to boost and complement yoga practices. Upon subscription, users can expect to receive new Yogi packages each month, filled with sustainable and natural products.

Yogi commits to the promise of finding the best tools to expand the art of yoga, empowering people to live their best lives.

The Yogi Surprise Box

The Yogi Surprise believes that no action is too small, and the little packages people receive are a testament to what they have to offer as a company. Through intricate and carefully selected gifts, they offer loving dedication to design, craft, hope, wisdom, and creativity.

With that being said, each Yogi Surprise box is curated with exemplary standards. All products included are cruelty-free and non-GMO, all of which pay homage to the intricate practice of yoga.

The products pass through quality standards, ensuring that usefulness and beauty are never sacrificed. Each product also comes from small business owners, making them unique and thoughtful. 

How to Use the Yogi Surprise Referral Code

Step #1: Copy the code given to you by the app.

Step #2: You can also opt to share with a friend via social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. Email referrals are also highly encouraged.

Step #3: Once sent, wait for the friend to accept your invite.

Step #4: They’ll need to confirm sign-up and referral, after which they need to make a purchase.

Step #5: After a successful referral, the referred will receive a $10 welcome credit, and you’ll receive $10 upon their first order.

The Bonus in Detail

The Yogi Surprise referral bonus is quite straightforward. Once the referral signs up and confirms, they’ll receive a $10 welcome credit. The user, on the other hand, only receives the $10 bonus upon the successful first purchase of the referral.

Alternatives like Yogi Surprise 

●      IdealFit: IdealFit is a website that offers supplements and gym apparel, mostly targeting female audiences. They also offer a rewarding referral program, which awards a whopping $10 credit whenever your code is used to buy a certain worth of products, usually at least $40.

●      YogaClub: Similar to Yoga Surprise, the YogaClub has dedicated itself to furthering the art of yoga. It works as a personal stylist for people practicing yoga, which is done by delivering high-quality yoga apparel at competitive prices. It caters mostly to women, empowering them to be confident, active, and mindful of every aspect of their lives. Through their referral codes and programs, users can earn up to $10. 

●      FabFitFun: FatBitFun is also a subscription service that offers users customized boxes. These packages include beauty and health products, committed to offering high-end products at affordable prices. Through the referral links, users are given a chance to earn up to $15 as a referral award, while the referral receives  $10.

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Yogi Surprise holds a promise unlike any other—inspired by the gentle practice of yoga, Yogi Surprise empowers its users to live their best lives. Yoga is an art that requires strength, both in mind and body, and they’ve committed themselves to products that encourage their users to be better. Health is wealth, and Yogi Surprise certainly attests to that. 

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