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Clickworker is a leading micro tasking marketplace, catering data management and web research services as well as AI algorithms training.
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Sebastian's Clickworker referral code

I've found Clickworker. It's an app where you earn money on the side with surveys, app tests, taking pics or short videos, etc. I think it´s something you'd be into as well. Check it out. Registration is free.

Megan's Clickworker referral code

I have made legitimate money that pays directly to my PayPal when it becomes payable, which can be as little as a week but up to one month, Jobs are random, and fun, training AI, improving businesses, and assisting companies in improving their services and products. I have tried many apps, websites, and the like, and this one is by far the most bang for your buck and the most noteworthy. Highly recommend to anyone effected by CoVid.

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