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DocuSign, Inc. is an American company headquartered in San Francisco, California that allows organizations to manage electronic agreements. As part of the DocuSign Agreement Cloud, DocuSign offers eSignature, a way to sign electronically on different devices.
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DocuSign is an American company based in San Francisco. It allows organizations to manage electronic agreements by offering eSignature, a way to electronically sign an agreement anytime, anywhere and through different devices.

It was founded on 2003 by Eric Ranft, Court Lorenzini and Tom Gonser. Currently, it has more than 475,000 customers and has millions of users in 180 countries. The signatures that they process comply with the US’ Esign Act and European Union’s electronic Signatures Derivative.

How To Use DocuSign

DocuSign is a straightforward platform so it can be easily used, even if you haven’t used it before.

  1. Head on to their website and click on Free Trial to start your free usage of the platform.

  2. If you are going to send a document, simply click on Send a Document which will then allow you to choose if you are going to upload a Microsoft Word, PDF or any other files that are commonly used for document creation.

  3. Indicate who needs to sign by adding their names and email addresses on the recipient's field. You can even indicate the order of who needs to sign first.

  4. You can drag and drop signature, initial or date fields to indicate where they need to sign and finally, click Send.

  5. DocuSign then sends an email link to each recipient so they can access the document.

Take note that the email links are 100% customized for each person for privacy purposes. That means that no two people share the same link.

Docusign Promo

During the past couple of years, DocuSign has developed perks and rewards for loyal customers, new customers, as well as those who refer DocuSign to their bosses, employees and colleagues. This program is known as the DocuSign Referral Program.

How The DocuSign Referral Program Works

If you are ready to purchase a DocuSign subscription after the trial and reading your friends’ reviews,  sign up using a DocuSign referral code. Not only will you get a 30-day free trial but you will also get a 10% discount. And as the referrer, your friend will get $20 worth of Amazon gift cards.

Once you start using DocuSign, you can also send out referrals by sending them your DocuSign referral code and once they use that referral code, the people who they refer can also enjoy the free trial and the 10% DocuSign discount.

DocuSign Promo Terms and Conditions

The 10% discount is available for customers in the US who purchase one of the following annual plans: Business premium, Realtors plus, Real estate plus, Professional, Business and Individual. The DocuSign Promo is also only available for people who are 18 and above.

There is also no obligation for the 30-day trial, meaning you can cancel the service anytime. No credit card is also required.

You will be able to redeem your $20 gift card if the person who you referred remains a paying customer for at least 31 days.

People who refer can get up to 30 Amazon gift cards. That is equivalent to $600.

How To Use The DocuSign Referral Program

You need an account to refer your family and friends.

  1. If you already have an account, go to the website and login.

  2. You can add the DocuSign Discount Code that you found on Chums.

  3. You can also share the link via email, post it in Facebook and Twitter or via messenger.

  4. If someone used the link that you provided, they will immediately get a 30- day free trial and a 10% Docusign Discount.

DocuSign App For Android

People can use DocuSign anytime and anywhere and on any device. If you are using a desktop, a laptop, a tablet or mobile phone, DocuSign can be accessed easily. For people who are using mobile devices, DocuSign is supported by Android.

You need to download the app so that there’s a guarantee that your signature is safe and secured. You can sign documents freely through the app.

What Are The Best Features Of DocuSign?

DocuSign can be helpful to businesses and individuals alike. Here are some of its features and why it is considered as one of the top-notch electronic agreements management platforms.

1. Regarding Documents users can have:

·                 Extensive File Type Support – Aside from Microsoft Programs and PDF Documents, you can also use the print command to send a document to more than 50,000 applications using it’s DocuSign Print Driver.

·                 PDF Form Conversion

·                 Supplemental Documents- You can also include additional information aside from the main file that you sent.

·                 More than 20 standard custom tags and fields.

·                 Powerforms which lets you generate self-service documents for signature. This makes document preparation time faster.

·                 Cloud Storage Integration where you can retrieve the documents from most commonly used storage services such as Dropbox, Evernote, Google Drive, Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft Office Skydrive and Citrix Sharefile, among others.

2. In terms of Data, DocuSign can easily be integrated to other apps. It has third party data fields, data validation, field formatting logic and full forms functionality, among others.

3. For security purposes, DocuSign has document encryption so that any unauthorized changes will be detected. They use AES 128-bit and SSL 256-bit. They also have a document custody management and spam protection as spammers are literally everywhere and will try to get or tamper as much sensitive information as they could.

4. DocuSign has a storage system that is tamper-proof in order to provide easy but secure access. You can also setup your own document retention policy that dictates up to when an archived or inactive document should be stored.

5. Since DocuSign is an international platform, it is available in 43 languages, has global timezone support and has a timestamp that uses a server-based time clock which is synchronized with the National Institute of Standards and Technology atomic clock. Aside from the US, some of the countries where DocuSign is currently being used include Germany, Japan, Switzerland, Spain, Sweden, Singapore and India, among others.

6. But one of the best features is the diversity of ways that you can contact support. If you are at a loss on how to proceed with Docusign, they have a community of users who post and answer questions. You can also create and track an online support case or chat with an automated assistant that responds to frequently asked questions. If you want to talk to a customer service representative for any queries or concerns, you may also sign in on your account and they will personally call you. They provide a link as well if you want to be the one to call them.

What Are The Pros And Cons Of The Docusign Referral Program?

Through using DocuSign, you will be able to digitally transform your business and close agreements anytime and anywhere with top-notch security and privacy so you don’t to worry about sensitive data being leaked. That's why referring DocuSign to your employers and colleagues is easy, because it is essential for businesses as well as personal agreements.

DocuSign is a tried and tested platform having been standard in business and professional circles since 2003 and now, they have millions of users.

However, since there is a great demand for eSignature solutions, a lot of other competitive platforms have also surfaced.

One of the alternatives for DocuSign is Aside from eSignature solutions, they also offer electronic fax solutions and digital workflow. Some of the companies that use HelloSign include Stack Exchange, Samsung, Lyft, Twitter, Instacart, General Assembly and Intuit Workforce, among others.

Another alternative is Authentisign which is created by Instanet Solutions. As of 2016, its users created and managed to set up over 9.6 million electronic signings.

Aside from these two, there are more alternative solutions to DocuSign. You can check them out using Chums so that you can see for yourself what each platform has to offer.

DocuSign is a useful tool for personal and business use. What’s even better is that DocuSign offers DocuSign Promos such as referral programs and DocuSign discounts, provided that you follow the terms and conditions.

To share your DocuSign referral code, make sure that you sign in on your account. Once someone used your referral code and became a paying member for at least 31 days, you will get a $20 Amazon gift card and the person who signed up using your code will get a 30-day free trial, as well as a 10% discount if he or she chooses to purchase an annual plan. 

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