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Evernote is an app and web service that allows its users to take notes, share ideas with their work teams, among others tools that help them to organize different aspects of their personal and business lives. Evernote offers 3 different plans: basic, business and premium. If you have never used Evernote before and you sign up by following an Evernote Referral link, you can get a Premium month for free as an Evernote referral reward. The person who referred you will earn 10 Evernote referral points for the first 3 successful referral members and they will also receive an extra referral coupon when their Evernote referral users purchase Evernote Premium for the first time (5 Evernote referral points).
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Evernote Referral Code Reviews

Evernote Code Benefits

Sign up using a referral code and receive the first month free of charge.

Conditions For Receiving The Evernote Referral Code Benefit

Evernote referral Points have not cash value, they only apply towards the purchase of Evernote Premium. 

  • 10 Evernote Referral Points are equal to a one-month Premium subscription 

  • 120 Evernote Referral Points are equal to a one-year Premium subscription. 

Please, be aware that points are not non-transferable and they expire within 18 months.

Conditions For Receiving The Referral Benefit- For Existing Subscribers

  1. Your friends must click on your Evernote referral link

  2. Your friends must install the app and sign up on any device that has never been used before to download Evernote. If 2 of your friends are sharing a device, you will only get the referral coupon for only one of them. 

It is important to mention that if you are already paying for Evernote Premium by credit card or Paypal, when you redeem your Evernote referral points for a free month or a free year, the auto-renewal on your subscription will be automatically suspended. However, if you are paying Evernote Premium through Itunes or Amazon app, you will have to request the service suspension when you exchange your Evernote referral points.

Conditions For Receiving The Referral Benefit- For New Members

  1. You have not downloaded Evernote before.

  2. No-one has downloaded Evernote on your device before. You are not allowed to get the Evernote referral reward if two people are sharing a device. To receive the referral coupon, the second person will have to create an account on a different phone or computer.

You must click on your friend’s unique Evernote referral link, download the app on your device and sign in.

How To Use The Refer A Friend Program- For Existing Members

How to send Evernote referral invitations from your web browser:

  1. Sign in to Evernote.com

  2. Click on your name at the upper right corner of your screen

  3. Select “Earn points”

You will be able to send your Evernote referral invitations by entering your friend’s email addresses or by importing your Gmail contacts. You also have the option to share your unique Evernote referral link via Facebook, Twitter or any other social media. 

How to send Evernote referral invitations from your smartphone:

  1. Open the app on your mobile phone

  2. Log in to your account

  3. Go to your profile on the left side of your screen

  4. Tap on “Account Settings”

  5. Choose “Invite Friends. Get Premium”

  6. You must enter your friends’ email addresses manually. 

How To Use The Refer A Friend Program- For New Members

If you receive an Evernote referral invitation by email, click on “Get Started”, sign up and download the app. If one of your friends has sent you an Evernote referral link, click on it and follow the same steps. Your referral reward will be automatically applied. 

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