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Fiverr's mission is to change how the world works together. Fiverr connects businesses with freelancers offering digital services in 250+ categories. Fiverr is a platform that demeans freelancers by forcing them to put cheap price tags on their skills and services. If you're freelancer who's just starting out or planning to become one, avoid using Fiverr to offer your freelance services.
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Get up to $52.50

Earn up to $52.50 when you sign up or purchase and earn up to $26.25 when you refer someone to sign up or purchase

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it literally has either someone to help you with just about anything or a way to find gigs yourself. Fiverr is a huge staple in business either looking for work or help!

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Fiverr Referral Code Reviews

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Fiverr’s Referral Program For Doers

Get Up To $100 For Sharing Your Fiverr Referral Code


How to Use the Fiverr Referral Program for Free SEO, Website Work and More

Fiverr is the largest network of freelancers in the world. Fiverr is a tool for individuals, small businesses, medium businesses and large businesses for every task or skill you can imagine. For example, search engine optimization work, legal work, and a new logo - Fiverr has it all! They also have one of the best referral programs in the space because of how it easy it is to find, how easy it is to use, and how much money you can get from sharing Fiverr with your friends and professional community. To use a Fiverr referral code or referral bonus, sign up as a new customer with a code from a friend that you find on Chums or sign up with a referral link from a friend you find on Chums. Fiverr’s referral code is the best Fiverr promo code you will be able to find. Not only do you get cash off your first order or cash back after you pay, the friend that referred you through Chums also gets paid. 


Conditions to Use the Fiverr Referral Program - For Existing Customers


  1. You must be an existing Fiverr user
  2. You can share the Refer a Friend program only with friends and relatives. You are required to get an authorization from the referred users before sending the Fiverr referral invitations.
  3. Even though, you can send unlimited Fiverr referral invitations, you can earn up to $500 in Fiverr referral credits. 
  4. The referral coupons expire within 3 months after the issue date. 
  5. You will receive at least a $5 referral coupon if the 20% commission for your friend’s qualifying order is under that value. 
  6. A qualifying order of this Refer a Friend program is a Gig purchase that has been delivered and completed.


Conditions to Use the Fiverr Referral Program - For New Customers


  1. You must be new to Fiverr.
  2. You must click on your friend’s referral link.
  3. You must make a qualifying purchase of a Gig. The qualifying Gig list can be found on Fiverr’s website and there is a lot of flexibility in projects and Gigs to start on Fiverr. By using the Fiverr referral code, you have some added flexibility too because of your savings. 


It is important to mention that the Fiverr referral coupons have no cash value. The referred friend will receive the Fiverr referral credits in the form of a 20% discount to use towards their first purchase, while the existing users will get a 20% commission of the purchase made by the referred friend (up to $100). The commission will be deposited directly into the account of the Fiverr referrer and can be used on the next project. The discount and the commission do not affect the money that the freelancer will get. The Fiverr referral code will simply reduce the project’s cost by 20 percent and the commission will be put into the Fiverr referrers account to be used on his or her next gig. 


When To Use Fiverr

Fiverr has been a fantastic tool for Chums and is extremely helpful in scaling other small businesses and startups. The whole world of freelancers has changed the came for small businesses trying to become big businesses. Tasks like search engine optimization, website design, logo design, sales, virtual assistant work, and more were not nearly as accessible before communities like Fiverr. Fiverr has a huge network of international freelancers who generally charge less then freelancers in major US cities. There are also tasks that business owners can teach and help the freelancer be better at so you do not need to pay a premium for the years of experience a SEO firm or a high level designer might have. Fiverr is a fantastic tool for a business owner when he or she has a good sense of their revenues and expenses to determine how much to spend on what. For example, if a business owner can profit $5 from selling a book, and it costs $40 for a SEO firm to write a short article about the book to generate traffic, it may not be worth it for the business owner to pay for that SEO depending on a few other factors. If the business owner can leverage Fiverr and especially a Fiverr referral code, then that same article might cost $10. The difference in cost, the ease of use with Fiverr and Fiverr’s referral program make it a very attractive option for lean startups and lean businesses. 


Where to Find Your Fiverr Referral Code and Referral Link

When you are logged into your Fiverr account on your phone or desktop, scroll to the bottom of the page and click ‘Invite a Friend.” This link will allow you to easily send your Fiverr promo code to friends. You can also access your Fiverr referral code in your account which you can find on the top right of the screen under ‘settings.’ If you have any trouble finding your Fiverr promo code or Fiverr referral code please reach out to Fiverr directly or to the friend that referred you. Below are step by step directions:


If you’d like to earn up to $500 in Fiverr referral coupons, follow these instructions to find the referral link:


  1. Open your web browser and visit
  2. Log in to your account
  3. Click on the Profile menu at the upper right corner of your screen
  4. Select “Refer & Get up to $100”
  5. Once the Fiverr referral page is opened, you will be able to post the Fiverr referral program on your Facebook and Twitter account or copy and paste your referral link anywhere you wish.


Competitors and Alternatives to Fiverr

Fiverr does not have much competition! Fiverr’s primary competitor is Upwork but Upwork does not have a referral program. On the higher end of freelance hiring, Toptal is a great option. Toptal and Fiverr are very different, though, as Toptal caters to the higher end and more expensive work. Upwork has a very similar clientele and interface.


Where does Fiverr operate? 

Fiverr is an online marketplace for freelance services. Founded in 2010 and based in Tel Aviv, Israel, the company provides a platform for freelancers to offer services to customers worldwide. 


How to Sign Up For Fiverr Through A Referral Link

Follow these steps to join Fiverr by following a referral link and to receive up to $100 as a Fiverr referral discount:


  1. Click on your friend’s unique Fiverr referral link
  2. Once Fiverr is opened, click on “Join”
  3. Make sure you can see this message “Sign up to get 20% off your first order” when you create your username and password.
  4. Verify your account and make your first purchase. 
  5. You will get your Fiverr referral discount at checkout.


Fiverr Has an Awesome Referral Program – It’s For Doers

Fiverr has a fantastic referral program. Fiverr’s referral program is the best Fiverr promo code you will be able to find on the internet. If you look around for other Fiverr discount codes, make sure to compare the discount with Fiverr’s referral program because the friend that refers you will also get a bonus when you book your first gig. That is a good deal! 


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