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Mint Mobile is a MVNO (mobile virtual network operator) powered by T-Mobile's 4G LTE network.
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Samiha's Mint Mobile referral code

I switched to Mint Mobile from T-mobile prepaid 4 months ago when I realized I was paying almost $50/mo for cellphone service. I looked for a cheaper but comparable option and found MintMobile —and I’ll never look back. I can’t believe I didn’t make the switch sooner. MintMobile runs on the T-Mobile network which means my service quality didn’t change at all and i still have the same coverage as before, just for a lot less money. I also like the MintMobile brand and how it’s been directly helping people during Covid by giving users free data packages. Highly recommend.

~HellKell~'s Mint Mobile referral code

I have had excellent coverage with high-speed data on the $15/month Mint Mobile plan for the last 6 months, but I have only paid $45 TOTAL because of the mad savings and rewards! Most people spend over $45 with the big companies for only a single month of service, & they don't even get any perks! This is a no brainer! Stop throwing your $ away elsewhere!Join me on Mint where I am saving a fox ton on wireless. Plans start at just $15 bucks, and include high speed data, plus unlimited talk and text. Use my unique link and you'll get $15 added to your Mint account, and I'll get free Mint too. Win-win!

Steven's Mint Mobile referral code

There nothing out there like this plan this. $15

Mint Mobile Referral Code Reviews

Mint Mobile Referral Code Reward, Description, and Instructions for 2020 

For many people, it is not enough that a mobile carrier delivers data plans. An increasing number of customers would like premium direct-to-consumer services from their providers. Because of this, MVNOs or mobile virtual network operators like Mint Mobile are seeing a surge in sign-ups, and it looks like they are just going to be even more popular.

With its 4G LTE network powered by T-Mobile, this online-only carrier is an obvious choice for people who want top internet speeds to go with their text and phone capabilities. In addition to these, Mint Mobile makes it easy for you to choose them because they help you earn money by referring friends to them.

The five-step process on how to use the code

Step #1: Sign-up for Mint Mobile and get your unique referral code under Account Management.

Step #2: Copy the code and share it with your friends. You can do this via text, on your social networking sites, through your Chums Referral account, or by mail.

Step #3: Get your friend to sign-up for Mint Mobile through your unique referral code. If they don’t, you will not be able to claim your rewards.

Step #4: Mint Mobile will e-mail you a notification regarding your successful renewals. You can also see your credit reflected in the Transactional History portion of your dashboard.

Step #5: Repeat for as many as ten referrals per calendar year!

The details on the reward

This phone carrier has one of the best rewards programmes available for mobile phone users. When you share your referral code, your rewards get progressively larger the more people you get to recruit successfully. For example, if you recruit one person, you get a $25 renewal credit for your next plan renewal. A second person gets you $30, a third, $35, and so on.

You can earn a total of $240 renewal credits from referring five people only. If you take an 8GB per month plan, this is equivalent to an entire year’s worth of service free of charge. 

Alternatives to Mint Mobile

There are other companies that offer referral benefits like Mint Mobile. Though they are not mobile phone carriers, they also give you an opportunity to earn cashback if you refer friends. 

●      WeBull - This company provides users with a commission-free stock trading app. Its referral programme allows people to earn two free stocks valued anywhere from $12 to $1,400 when they get a friend to sign-up for WeBull successfully.

●      InboxDollars - One of the pioneers of making money online, InboxDollars® has been around since 2000. Earn easy cash when you refer a friend to the website; every successful referral through your code allows you to earn $1.

●      Stash - Stash aims to make financial independence a reality for everyone. It is made for beginners who want to grow their money but aren’t knowledgable about how to do this. You can earn $5 for every referral you make.

●      Robinhood - This is a free stock and crypto trading platform that takes zero commissions from brokering trades. Robinhood’s referral programme lets you earn free stocks with every friend you can get to sign-up through your code.

●      Ibotta - Ibotta is a mobile technology company. It lets people earn cashback through rebate programmes, retailer loyalty accounts and referral programmes. Their referral programmes change from time to time, so check out their website for more details!

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Mint Mobile allows you to sign-up for a quality service provider while reaping benefits like cash rebates and free data. Who would not want to have a mobile carrier that pays you to sign-up? 

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