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Sprint Corporation is an American telecommunications company that provides wireless services and is an internet service provider, based in Overland Park, Kansas.
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Sprint Referral Code Reviews

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Sprint Code Benefits

Sign up for a new account with Sprint, and get a $50 prepaid gift card.

Conditions To Receive The Sprint Referral Code Benefit

Sprint referral coupons are paid in the form of a Prepaid MasterCard, which is not transferable. It is not possible to exchange the Sprint referral credits for cash.   

Conditions To Receive The Sprint Referral Code Benefit– For Existing Customers

  1. You must be a Sprint customer for more than 24 hours to qualify for the Sprint referral program. 

  2. Customers on BYOD1Year Free plan are not eligible to participate in this Refer a Friend Program.

  3. You must sign up for the Refer a Friend program at the Sprint referral page. 

  4. You can only send Sprint referral invitations to friends or relatives. 

  5. You are allowed to receive $500 in Sprint referral credits. 

  6. Your Sprint referral Prepaid Mastercard will be sent to your billing address within 10 weeks of the new line activation. 

  7. If your Sprint account is not active when the Prepaid Mastercard is delivered, you won't be able to use it. 

Conditions To Receive The Sprint Referral Code Benefit– For New Customers

  1. You are new to Sprint. 

  2. You must accept the Sprint referral offer sent by your friend within 30 days of receiving it. You can only accept 1 Sprint referral offer. 

  3. You must open an account on Sprint. 

You must activate a wireless phone number.

You must sign up via the Sprint referral page with your new active number within 60 days of accepting the offer. 

How To Send Sprint Referral Invitations- For Existing Customers

Please, remember that you must have a Sprint account for at least 24 hours before start sending referral invitations to your friend. 

  1. Go to the Sprint Referral Page

  2. Click on the “Refer now” button

  3. Introduce your email and a new password

  4. Verify your Sprint mobile number

  5. You will have the option to copy the Sprint referral link and paste it anywhere you wish. You can also share the Sprint referral offer via Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin or Facebook Messenger. 

When you sign up for the Sprint referral program you will receive an e-mail where you'll find the link to the Sprint referral page as well.

How To Send Sprint Referral Invitations- For New Customers

If you receive a Sprint referral invitation, you must follow these steps in order to get your Sprint referral bonus

  1. Visit Sprint Referral Page by following the referral link.

  2. Click on “Refer by a friend?”

  3. Select “Find my friend” and provide your friend´s details.

  4. Enter your contact details to accept the Sprint referral offer. 

  5. Create an account with Sprint and activate a new mobile number. 

  6. After signing up, go back to the Sprint referral page and register your new line.  

You must follow these instructions in these order to qualify as a Sprint Referral customer. 

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