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VOXI is a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) powered and run by Vodafone. VOXI is a mobile network built for endless possibilities through endless social data. Our content is made by our community of young creators. Whatever you’re into, express yourself endlessly.
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Voxi Referral Code Reviews

 Voxi Referral Code, Reviews and Ratings in 2020

If you’re out on a commute or in a public place, you might have experienced running out of mobile data, especially if you rely heavily on social media. Sometimes, though, you just need to be updated—whether you want to check the latest from your News Feed, monitor Live Tweeting at an event, or just connect via DMs with your best friend, mobile is essential.

You don’t have to worry about data caps with VOXI. This is a mobile virtual network operator or MVNO, and it is powered by Vodafone, meaning it has the larger network’s reach. VOXI promises unlimited data through social media; you don’t have to worry about running out of credits when you’re on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Whatsapp, Pinterest, or other social platforms. Even better, you can get friends to join in on the fun with their online referral program!

The Voxi Referral Program: A 5-Step Process

Step #1: Order a VOXI SIM and sign up for their website. You will get a unique referral link after you complete the process.

Step #2: Get your friends to order a VOXI SIM card using your link. Share it on your social media, through SMS, or your Chums Referral network.

Step #3: When your friend orders a SIM through your link, they will get a request to confirm that they have joined VOXI. They must complete the process through here for you to get the reward.

Step #4: Enjoy VOXI’s wide coverage and low rates, and wait for the reward to come in!

Step #5: Repeat for as many friends as you have—they have no limits on referrals!

Details on the reward

VOXI gives Amazon gift cards through their referral program. They give you and your friend a £10, £15, or £20 card depending on a few conditions. First, you both should have the same type of plan to reap the rewards. If you get an 8GB plan, you both receive a £10 card. If you choose the 20GB plan, you get a £15 gift card, and if you get the 45GB or the Endless Data options, you will receive a £20 card.

What’s more, you have to stick to the terms and conditions regarding plan renewals. You will get your gift cards only after 2 months of subscribing to VOXI. It’s time well spent, though; you get unlimited social media, great coverage, and a fair amount of data for other apps!

Alternatives to VOXI

Like VOXI, other companies have referral programs that offer similar rewards. Though they may have other services, all of these are a great place to start if you’re wondering how to earn passive income online. Check these out and see which ones fit you or your friends and family.

●      TravisMathew - Southern California culture and lifestyle was the inspiration for this men’s wear company. TravisMatthew provides casual, sporty items in light and airy hues, perfect for a day on the boulevard or out for a drive. In their rewards program, both you and your friend get 1,000 points, which you can convert into credits for purchases.

●      Neobux - This company allows you to be paid by taking surveys, watching videos, and completing tasks. They have an active online forum where members can ask advice, report bugs, and even share milestones and proofs of payment.

●      Societi - This is a trivia gaming app that lets you get cash prizes if you correctly predict outcomes in the shows you are watching. You can join as many games as you want and guess the outcome of as many shows possible.

●      Coinmotion - An app that lets you securely buy, sell, and store Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, and other cryptocurrencies, Coinmotion offers some of the best rewards for their app users. In their referral program, users who refer friends receive 50 percent of their contacts’ trading fees during their first 12 months’ registration.

●      Wealthsimple - A Canadian investment management service, Wealthsimple focuses on helping millennials build their portfolio. In their referral program, if you get a friend to sign up using your link, you both get $10,000 in assets managed for free for one year.

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What is the referral reward?

The Voxi referral reward is £10.

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2 Chums users have reviewed Voxi and it has a 5.00 rating. Look above to read some reviews about the Voxi referral code.

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