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Freebird is the premier destination for rewarded ride hailing. We transform the mobility experience by making it easy for you to earn cash back and points on your rides to restaurants, bars, and everywhere else you would go via the Uber and Lyft ride hailing platforms. We partner with your favorite establishments to offer rewards so you can make your ride share experience easier on your wallet. We also partner with your favorite brands to get you back home safely after a night of drinking with cash back bonuses.
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Jerry's Freebird referral code

Get rewarded for going out. Get $10 when you take 2 rides with Freebird Rides! Use my code z4894 to get your cash rewards --> THANK YOU!

Lori's Freebird referral code


This app delivers all of the kick-backs that all of the other apps promise. I’ve only had it for a few monts and I don’t even use it very much and they have transferred a total of $75 into my account. You should download it. you won’t be sorry!

Freebird Referral Code Reviews

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