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Getaround is an online car sharing or peer-to-peer carsharing service that allows drivers to rent cars from private car owners, and owners to rent out their cars for payment. As of 2019, the company was reported to have five million users and approximately 20,000 connected cars worldwide. 
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Getaround Referral Code Reviews

Rent A Cheaper Car With A Getaround Referral Code

How To Find The Best Getaround Discount Codes

The Getaround referral code for first-time users is one of the best in the transportation and car rental space. New users to Getaround can use the Getaround discount code to enjoy a car ride at cost-effective prices. The Getaround promo code can get $20 off your first ride. The process for redeeming the Getaround promo code or coupon is very simple.

The Getaround Renter Requirments

To use the Getaround promo code and benefits, users have to make sure that they are eligible to use Getaround. To drive a vehicle through Getaround, you must: 

·      Have a drivers license and a driving experience of more than two years. 

·      Be 19 years old. But to drive specialty vehicles, you should be at least 25 years old. 

·      Have a proof stating you are not involved in any drug or alcohol-related incident

There are a few more requirements that you can find on the Getaround website.

Conditions To Use Getaround Referral Code

  1. If you want your friend to enjoy all the benefits of the Getaround referral code, then they should sign up with Getaround using your referral link. 

  2. The company has not disclosed about the minimum spending limit that qualifies for Getaround promo code. However, by referring to friend, you can get a reward worth up to $50. So, start referring more friends to get more rewards. 

  3. If the friends you have to referred are following all the mentioned requirements of the Getaround referral code, then you can earn a Getaround bonus. The bonus or reward amount will be credited to your Getaround account within 24 hours after your friend’s first transaction.

  4. If you are an existing user of Getaround, you will get an email notification when this happens.

Signing Up with Getaround Using A Referral Link

Using the standard sign-up link, you may not be able to get the same discounts available as you would when signing up through a Getaround referral link. To join the platform to get the best discount available to you, follow these steps:

  1. Visit the official site of Getaround.

  2. Fill in the form with all the required details.

  3. Once approved, you need to check your mailbox and click on the invitation to download the official Getaround app. Then follow all the instructions that will appear on the screen. 

  4. Follow all the steps carefully to successfully sign-up to Getaround. 

Steps To Activate Your Discount:

  1. Browse through the vehicles on the Getaround website and choose one that you like to rent.

  2. Begin the checkout process and keep moving until you arrive on the checkout page. You will see an option “Confirm rental.” 

  3. Now, on the final screen of rental booking, you need to paste your Getaround promo code in the “Apply Discount Code” section. 

  4. You will get the reward. 

How To Sign Up For Getaround With Referral Code

When Getaround new users are is signing up, they need to sign-up through the Getaround referral code or link. As a result, the customers will get rewards or Getaround bonuses on their first transaction. You can also visit Chums and search for “Getaround” or can navigate to the “Transportation” section to get a Getaround referral code and Getaround referral links. 

If you are using a Getaround referral link, then the discount will be applied automatically. You can even ask your family member or friend who uses Getaround to share their Getaround referral link. If you are the referrer, then you will get a $20 Getaround discount code when your friend completes the first trip. There are no such restrictions to where you can share your referral link or code. So, blast out referral codes or links as much as possible. 

Owner Perks

If you are an owner of the car and share your car on the site, your personal referral link invite will provide the renters a $40 offer on their first trip. Once they begin their first trip, you will get $40 Getaround credit. Per month you can earn a maximum of $5000 referral earning.

Referring New Owners

If you have invited your friends to share their vehicle on the site, and they list their vehicle using our referral link, you will receive a $200 Getaround credit. But you will get this when their car becomes available for ride rentals. 

If your friend is a registered user on Chums, then you can easily view their ratings, reviews, ratings, referral links, and codes published by your friend. The new and growing companies generally have an attractive referral and promo codes as they want to capture market share. Stay updated about new ride rental and sharing companies to see which promo codes and referrals are the best. Or just sign up for our newsletter!

Reasons Why Your Getaround Referral Code Might Not Work

  1. The Getaround referral codes are valid for only 90 days. 

  2. You are no longer eligible to use the code (maybe you have already used it, or the code is only for the first-time renters or new members). 

  3. You are trying to apply during your post-booking. Remember that you can’t apply the promo codes once the reservation is placed. 

  4. You are attempting to apply the code existing trip as an extension. The company clearly mentions that one can’t apply Getaround promo code to an existing trip as a trip extension. All the extensions are chargeable. 

  5. Sometimes, there can be some issues with the server following which you may not be able to apply the promo code. During such a situation, you can get in touch with Getaround’s customer support team. 

What Is Getaround? 

Getaround is an amazing platform that lets the drivers rent their desired cars from the local car owner. By partnering with Uber, Getaround has made it easier for people to earn money with a car rental. The Getaround referral code has enabled users to earn even more money. 

Car Rental And Car Sharing Alternatives To Getaround

Across the world, the ride-sharing and rental industry is growing. The growth of new competitors has forced the industry to offer new and attractive referral codes, programs, discounts, and bonuses. This particular industry charges service taxes based on the service types, like whether you are choosing rental or sharing. 

You can get huge discounts and bonuses for the first ride rental that you book through ride rental referral programs. However, the best referral programs in this particular industry that offer tough competition to the Getaround referral code is Turo. Turo has emerged the world’s largest car-sharing marketplace. Once you become a member or Turo, you can participate in the Turo Referral Program. 

Turo users can earn a $25 car driving credit if the person’s referral code successfully completes a vehicle rental. You can get $75 driving credit if the referral lists a car, and the car gets rented. That means you can earn a total of $100 for each new user that you refer under the Turo referral program. 

There are many more referral programs that will offer you amazing discounts, and you can enjoy the best services at an affordable price. Don’t look here and there. Visit Chums to explore the best referral program in the transportation industry. 

If you want more detailed information about referral codes, deals, and programs, then go on and download the Chums app now. This platform has a lot of referral codes, and you can also share your referral codes here to get Getaround bonuses or credits. 

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